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Wechat is an e-commerce platform with killer features that has emerged as one of the most selling online giant today. It has the ability to attract Chinese Smartphone users as an ecommerce application. Their functions are social media and services to the Chinese customers. Users can access their website through Wechat and use Wechat as billing system to check-out through “one- click- payment”. This increases user experience and increases sales conversion.

WeChat shops and customer service

Wechat shops provide your users with simple and mobile access to products in a convenient payment system. The customer service offers great service to your followers. It offers effective communication channel to millions of Chinese. Users make use of Wechat public accounts for information or making a request. Customers buy via your Wechat shop and connect to your Wechat public account. Through this, you will give them an integrated and intuitive way to speak to your customer service. Wechat account makes you send discounts to your customers via your Wechat official account and keeps your customers updated about the promotion of brands.

How to open a WeChat shop?

Wechat shop is opened with Walkthechat easily. You will sign up online and provide a unique QR code to link a customized Wechat store for your users. Users will automatically be logged in to your Wechat shop via Wechat login. This Wechat payment comes with payment integrations for you to only focus on products and services to your customers’ satisfaction.

How does it work?

Upload your products with a user- friendly interface for easy product information, pictures and discounts

Connect your bank account to receive cross-border payments directly from Chinese customers

Generate traffic to your stores from Wechat that can provide a network of key opinion leaders. CPC platforms and affiliate programs to help you generate traffic into your store.

Receive order from your Chinese clients as they order from your online shop with their smart phones only to pay via Wechat or Alipay.

You can simply create a Wechat shop inside your Wechat App or better still set up via a third party platform like Weidian [which is Wechat’s largest shop]. Wechat shop gives your customers easy access to products and simply pays through Wechat wallet all within the application.

Customer Service Features

Wechat is a customer service channel, and the most popular communication tool in China today in an e-mail, text and e-mail combination for personal business. Wechat is where users seek for business through public accounts and find answers to customer service queries. This gives customers the confidence to do business within the application as answers are found to queries inside Wechat ecosystem. Users write their questions, speak directly and receive the answer via the API to your official Wechat public account. It is like touching the screen and talking without effort to your customer and gets all the valuable feedback you need to improve the brand relationship.

Get Advanced Information

Wechat shop lets you know who in your account is a follower so that you can track their buying habits. Wechat gives you valuable data which matters in customizing the content for future campaigns.

You first and foremost create a Wechat service account and check the registration information if you have not registered as a brand you in China.

Create your mobile web pages to feature your products and services after opening your Wechat service account. This is where you will begin to unlock instant payments from over 600 million potential customers using this app.


  • Wechat ecommerce lists your products for customers
  • Your payments are convenient within Wechat wallet
  • You can incentivize your users to purchase more through discounts
  • Easy translation of contents within the platform
  • Track your followers’ growth analytically in real time
  • Give users more discount as they buy in groups
  • In-store visitors are easily converted to followers
  • Customize your brand by creating your desired pages
  • It provides optimized hosting speed in the Chinese internet market.


We help brands

  1. To set up Wechat account in China and Hongkong

  2. Open Wechat shop easily for brands

  3. Processing wechat account registration formalities

  4. Linking your Wehat account to your e-commerce shop

  5. Provide Wechat marketing strategy

  6. Helping brands increase conversion rate in Wechat


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