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We are an advertising agency based in China that offer marketing services for businesses dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising campaign and other forms of promotion for our International clients for the Chinese Market.

Advertising Agency in China (Shanghai)


The increasing number of social media in Chinese society means that the strongest client agency relationships is no longer always with advertising agencies.

Gentlemen cut edge of the Digital Advertising in China

Not long ago social-media marketing was something that Marketing director may ask non qualifed people to deal with their campaign : Brands need Professionals to communicate in China. 


Today social media and Search Engine have become a pillar of the chinese advertising industry. Social networks like wechat , weibo, meipai, youku and you can reach billion of Chinese consumers 

Baidu the Leading Search Engine in China



Wechat in China


Advertising situation in China

The demand for advertising services is booming in China mainland related to the business activities of the domestic consumption. The expansion of the middle class in China have improve their purchasing power and brands have many opportunities now.

Digital investment is more popular than TV in China


China traditional advertising market is slowing down alongside the country.  Beijing continued emphasis on boosting domestic consumption and the need for economic rebalancing bodes well for the next growth of the advertising industry. 

The advertising spending in China showed a marginal growth of 2.2% in 2014, and 33% in online advertising. 


Gentlemen Marketing Agency our Philosophy

Online advertising of all sorts continues to grow in China,  from virtually nothing a 4 years ago to about $17 billion in 2016. 

There were several facts that leads to the conventional assumption that advertising agencies always had the relationships with their Chinese clients, and the long term partnership. 


Local Agency have upper Hand in China

There have been cases where local media agencies held the upper hand in China, but now the situation is changing.

Social Media had a way to make things work, usually uses the strategy of telling the clients what they want to hear just to make a profit, it was solely money driven purpose.

The increased in media has undoubtedly allowed such media agencies to influence clients in China into choosing them over advertising agencies.

To wring the maximum ability to target Chinese consumers precisely on social media and mobile, advertising agencies make big changes to their campaigns.

Instead of creating a single, broad brush a message which will run through television, radio, print and outdoor, they produce many variations on a theme, each corresponding to the subset of consumers they consider more likely to reply.

Digital Marketing is the Key in China

The iterative nature of digital marketing has meant a lot of work for advertising agencies and public relations firms. 

Marketing managers in China also need to think through efforts to give their brands’ personalities online. Wechat was the main place where brands try to appear genuine and intelligent. 

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