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How do we help you to promote your Cruise in China?

The international cruise industry has begun to really considerate the Asian market especially the Chinese market as a new Eldorado. Many foreign cruise companies have even started seeking Chinese partners and investing in the Chinese cruise market like Royal Caribbean, Stars, and Carnival.

Online Platforms for Cruise

We register and manage your cruise on the platforms.

Online Reputation

Management of the image of your cruise and answers to the questions asked by the users on the forums.


Baidu SEO

We increase the results of your cruise on the search engine



We will send you a detailed report every month and an analysis of the results.

Chinese Social Media

Social media in China are so different than western social media. Chinese internet users spend approximately 40% of their daily life on social media. This is a big opportunity for international cruise companies which want to enter into Chinese market. The most popular social media platforms are WeChat, Weibo, QQ …. All of them can help to grow your brand in China and communicate directly with your audience through our Chinese social media management services.

Website Development

Our experience team of in house web developers can create Chinese websites and e-commerce platforms to drive engagement and sales including multi-lingual sites. If you want to reach a large Chinese tourist, you have to create a mobile chine website because all Chinese people use their smartphone to get information about everything. So it will be more easy for them and for you if you a website available 24h/24.


The purpose of reputation SEO is to help a company to have a very good reputation. Generally, if Chinese people get interested in your products and services they will probably search online for more information.

So it’s important that they see positive information about the company’s products especially from some persuasive websites, it will be very useful for its website to win their trust. When Chinese people search key words in link with the company’s activity, they will only find positive news.


Baidu SEO

Baidu focuses sites and pages based on certain criteria. Our agency has a great expertise to optimize your site in China, and offers a comprehensive range of services related to this task.

Your site must have some technical attributes in order to be put forward by Baidu. For example the title tags the Meta descriptions or even the Meta keywords. Repetition of keywords is very appreciated, as is a very home page.

Quality content is first of all a fast loading speed of your pages. It is important that your site be hosted in China. So you must write your site entirely in Chinese in order to be well referenced.

These links from external sites are appreciated by Baidu. Our expertise in the field will enable you to get these quality backlinks.


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Cruise Promotion in China




The international cruise industry has begun to really considerate the Asian market especially the Chinese market as a new Eldorado. Many foreign cruise companies have even started seeking Chinese partners and investing in the Chinese cruise market like Royal Caribbean, Stars, and Carnival.

By 2030, China will become the world’s largest cruise market, with 8 to 10 million customers each year.


What kind of hotels do Chinese tourist use?

Chinese tourist like luruxy hotel, so they will be accommodated in local standard 4 to 5 star hotels throughout their trip.
Luxury group tours will be utilizing a popular recognized 5-star hotels.

Don’t forget that the cultural differences in facilities among Asian countries and the US. So, it’s important to provide the right to change a hotel to similar or higher standard in the event of a pre-listed hotel becomes unavailable.



With the great improvement in Chinese people’s living standards and consumption level, the Chinese cruise visitors grows up very fast. Word-of-mouth in China online is very important to the reputation of your cruise. There are several ways to build a positive reputation.
– Build and animate a loyal community. Social networks will allow you to build your community and loyalty. While WeChat is the most used social network, Weibo can also allow you to gain reputation and retain new subscribers. This works like a microblog with a limited number of characters. Forums and blogs can also help you gain reputation.
– Use external sources. Relations presses and specialized blogs in the cruise are very important to have better visibility and reputation positive online.



In China, Google is censored by the government and represents only 2% of users in China. The remaining 98% of Internet users in China use Baidu.
The main difference between Google and Baidu is the latter privilege priority in Chinese characters sites. Using these characters is paramount to your site and for all SEO campaigns.


Chinese travelers used to make incredibly detailed plans ahead of time, knowing where they want to eat, what they want to see, and where they want to shop well in advance.

They already know exactly which article of clothing, jewelry, or watches they want to buy. This pre-visit research includes a great analysis of brand websites, travel forums, price inquiries, and tax refund information. Ensuring that they are getting the best possible deal is frequently of top importance.

Understanding the importance of the pre-travel research phase is incredibly crucial, and we have advised our clients to consider a few best practices.


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