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 How does a Chinese digital marketing agency can help you attract more Chinese tourists?

Chinese tourists are about 50% to 60% to fully book their holidays online, a rate similar to most of the countries like France or the US who have had Internet long before China started to develop its own network. However, more than 90% of the Chinese travelers go online to seek out information through different channels.

This is where a digital solution proves itself invaluable to attract Chinese tourists!

What do you need to attract Chinese tourists?


Know who you are…and who you can be for Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists do not have the same perception about many destinations than say some Western countries. They do not react the same way about the market and any given place.

With 634 million of Chinese netizens and  a massive increase in m-internet you need to strongly rethink about how to get the right message through the right channel…at the right time. You need an agency knowing the market to help you do that.

Chinese SEO on Baidu.

Market engine(2)

Baidu is the leading search engine in China with 54% Market share, and therefore has text book monopoly over the whole market.

Chinese tourists will look up keywords related to any given destination they may have chosen in order to find all the content related to it.

Baidu is the first search engine to be on and 360 the rising star to keep an eye on.

Maison de la chine



What you want to have is just like in the picture above, something we have done for our customer: rank at the top for key words summarizing who and what you are. For instance Customised Travel Agency France & Europe for this agency

SEO ensures maximum visibility for an increase in traffic through direct search.

Social media to attract Chinese tourists

Chinese SM Networks Chinese Digital Marketing Agency


Chinese-tourists-most-prefered-media1 Chinese Digital Marketing Agency

Chinese Digital Marketing Agency

In China you have a “slight” problem, for anyone who is not used to China.

Goodbye Facebook, Twitter and the like.

Say hello to many others, QQ, QQzone, Mafenguo, Lvmama, Wechat and Weibo. The digital social media landscape is riddled with social networks like those mentioned above. Different positioning allow different options for Chinese to get information.

As shown above recommendation by your peers (42% Family, 52% Friends and acquaintances, 33% Social media) in China is a powerful tool to trigger interest to any given destinations.

Posting content and making sure that it is shared again on the various social networks in China is the surest way to attract more Chinese tourists to your dream resort, hotel or destination.

The role of a digital agency in the tourism social media will be to present what you want to promote under the best possible light preferably with visuals and videos


Digital Marketing tools for China

So ok, I know how, but where is it important to be?

  1. Wechat

Welcome to the the rising star with a shining 600 million monthly active users. According to the report released by Tencent at Q1 2015, most users open it more than 10 times per day, making it the app number 1 on any Wechat users phone.

  1. QQ

Wechat big brother, also belonging to the Tencent group, and its 600 million users is still one of the major players in social media.



What do you choose in a digital marketing strategy for Chinese tourists?

The main difference lies in the groups and the ability to gather followers according to different approaches.

Wechat has been strongly applauded for its ease of use in a “real-time” approach. It is very easy to handle and display your moments since it is a mobile phone app first and foremost



QQ is still popular with its Qzone, sort of blog diary where users can post their content available to either only their friends or publicly. Since it has first been laptop-based software, Wechat is at a disadvantage here. Still, it is a social network with a huge fan base (800 million)

Travel-oriented platforms

After those cited above, you have more travel specialized platform like Tuniu or Lvmama where users share their ideas of trips or their experience in a more forum like way.



Video sharing platforms

Videos and photos are two very important components of a high quality digital marketing strategy to attract more Chinese tourists.

As such you need to know how and where to place them. In China, the most popular platform is Youku, the Chinese equivalent of Youtube.

Interesting features include sharing videos on social networks, users rating the content posted, eventually discussing it



KOL : Key opinion leaders, the key for reaching a large community

Key Opinion Leaders, these people have a strong influence online regardless of their influence in the real world, they can be bloggers, journalists, travel addicts…this wide variety of people allow you to target your desired Chinese tourist profile very specifically.


Chinese Digital Marketing Agency 


As you can see above they gather huge communities and display content related to their experience…Key opinion leaders are perfect to show your destination under the perfect light. Not only will they report their experience and broadcast it on their social media channel that will have a wider reach than anything you may be able to do by yourself but they will also have a major direct impact on their followers.

There is a big but here : you need to know how to pick your KOL by asking yourself (or an expert in the field the right questions :

  1. Is this KOL trully influential or is his/her community simply a big number?
  2. What influence can I gain over potential customers?

These are question only an agency very familiar with the market can answer.

Again : Recommendation is a powerful marketing tool in China.

Integration on booking platforms

In China there are multiple e-booking platforms that tourism companies, especially hotels would need to be on. In China, like very often the one having an almost complete monopoly over the market is C-trip.



Should you need to appear on those platforms you need a way to stand out in these platforms in order to be chosen. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy will include a way to make you stand out from the crowd of your competitors in your destination.

Why choosing us for this?

We are a digital marketing agency based in shanghai well-versed into the Chinese tourism market. Through our experience with various type of tourism companies we have learned and put in practice very efficient strategies (see our case studies)

How do we do it?

  1. We discuss your needs
  2. We analyse the market and design the strategy accordingly
  3. We launch the solution and stay alert for any changes to implement
  4. We stay in touch with you and let you know our latest measurable results.
  5. Your satisfaction is our best achievement.

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