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Our core objective of coming to digital Chinese shore is to help the small-scale business grow competitively and become profitable.

Our Philosophy

We work with the simple philosophy of being happy when our customers make more money in sales. Digital advertising is a tool combination we’ve used consistently over the years to bring positive changes into ecommerce. Our strategy is digital marketing from simple website audit to massive traffic drive and lead generation or exposure.

We cover

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Wechat Advertising
  • Baidu Advertising
  • online Event organization
  • Branding & Storytelling


Digital in China

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What are the work of a advertising agency in China ? The question now is, how prepared is businesses to explore this strategic digital marketing and become profitable?

Real Estate Marketing in China

A lot of Chinese prominent citizens are traveling outside to acquire properties of interest in overseas. Information is gathered before such trips are initiated leading to the subsequent purchase of properties. This information process is made through online stores, and commissions are paid for such transaction. Therefore, being present in online means you must be digitally visible to be contacted. Excellent e-reputation, especially in china, is all that is needed with digital advertising competence of branding and lead generation. With this, the business can earn from these wealthy Chinese citizens from online portals. Double SEO Keywords traffic on Baidu is the solution we have on this.


Hospitality Industry need good advertising Campaign

As hotel industry continues to expand in the China, the level of foreign drinks, especially well-packaged wines will soar in demand. Many consumers are searching websites for information about these products and their corresponding price. Ecommerce needs a digital platform to participate and earn more reputation to attract consumers. With good e-reputation, online shops can distribute these products in China especially on Social media using KOL –SEO.

Our marketing strategy can position ecommerce to benefit massively in this sector. Awareness, visibility on Baidu and traffic is the requirement.

Digital & advertising agency in China

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Entertainment Industry [Music]

The quality of the image is essential in the music career since artists market themselves as the image of this business. E-commerce must set up value and specific image, which serves as a reference for people to analyze from. Using digital self-branding, by connecting large audience can produce explosive results. This can translate to diffusion of music videos, writing and publishing of articles in the music industry. This is what press relation and social media can do. With the press relations online portal, ecommerce on music related products will have a huge harvest. Most entertainement industry is going mobile in China. 


Industry and smart advertising 

Due to rapid economic growth and huge market structure, the Chinese market offers great business opportunity, especially in building materials. Challenges arising here are the lack of adequate market information, access to sales channels, improper entry policy, cultural differences and complexity of finding the right partners. With our digital marketing using community management and social media, ecommerce awareness will increase through the Chinese Social platforms like Weibo and WeChat.

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Sports Marketing

Personal branding is fast becoming lucrative among celebrities especially in the sports industry. Good sporting objectives are fast attracting credibility for new opportunities. Because success in China is measured by achievements, many internet users search for celebrities online through their phones. With this Chinese population going online daily, targeting such online audience by digital means can have a real big boost in ecommerce. With the effective social media tool, online sites can profit from this celebrity searching opportunity as we market sponsorship links on Weibo.


Tourism Industry

China has become a popular country witnessing volumes of travellers coming through the land, air, and sea for one business or the other. People who intend to visit China will consult travel guides for information and other requirements. Lead generation is the demanding business for the vast amount of information that tourists will be searching for here. With our powerful marketing tools of the social media campaign, content marketing, SEO on Baidu, Public relation online portal and others, ecommerce will generate leads to satisfying end users.

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Food & Beverage Industry & FMCG

The Chinese digital market is a diversified ecommerce platform with products in various offer categories. It ranges from wholesale to retail, and most times, it goes through discount and promotions. Chinese consumers rely on forums and blogs before making any purchase, therefore being present with them requires quality reputation and authenticity to make an impact. With our versatile ecommerce and branding tools to market digitally, online shop design, social promotion and integration on JingDong will be massively profitable

Fashion & Lifestyle

The Chinese people have a huge cultural identity that the world wants to view online for one interest or the other. in China people are searching a way of life  and like to show off in the Chinese digital space, wechat moment or other. E-Commerce that meet profit criteria here are those with strong branding, giving good image and visibility of the Chinese Fashion industry and show nice picture and video about products.


Our powerful branding tools can bring out online store front to be viewed perfectly and earn from the Chinese right consumer.

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