The World Cup in Brazil : an opportunity for many Chinese tourist to travel around

China’s football team is missing but not its tourists!

Football is not the strong point of Chinese but it does not mean they are not interested about it ! Indeed, Guilherme Bailey, the official in charge of the 2014 FIFA World Cup affairs at the Brazilian embassy in Beijing was suprised how much citizen were coming to ask him for a trip on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. He even told the Chinese news source Xinhua that it was about 5,000 Chinese that were visiting Brazil during the international game.

Bailey was very suprised by the popularity of football in China and got a bit flat-footed. However, he reacted to this demand quickly and made the visa procedure to Brazil way much more easier and faster. Thanks to their World Cup tickets and the necessary document, Chinese fans can get the visa in only 2 days. This is the first time in history. This way, the embassy hope that this event will also increase the tourisme in other part of the country such as Manaus, Cuiabá, Porto Alegre or even the beautiful beaches of El Salvador.


The promise of an increasing trade

In 2012, already 65,000 Chinese were attracted by this beautiful country but it is far from ove rand Bailey thinks it should reach up 100,000 annually by next year. Whether it is for tourism or for business, Brazil is trying to tempt more and more Chinese tourist. To do so, Brazil is also hosting, during the World Cup, the sixth BRICS summit on July 15th in Fortaleza. Where Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa will improve bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

This coincidence couldn’t come at a better time and is a great openning for investment opportunity for Chinese firms. The championship already counts several numbers of Chinese company that are sponsoring of involved in any case. Bailey hopes that by the end of the World Cup, the trade will reach 730 million euros. Only time will tell.


Doing business yes, sharing passion even better !

Everything seems to match on the business side between the two country but this passion for football might also be a point of mutual interest that Brazil can teach to China. Even if the Chinese football team are not as good as the international other clubs, Bailey sees a potential in them. China benefits from training centers and stadiums, they also have the motivation from young generation. Brazil could do a lot for them such as training their coach and players. It will establish a stable human trade and link the two countries together.


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