WeChat Advertising: Best Advertising Tactics For The Tourism Market In China

Finding the most effective advertising strategy for China’s tourism market can seem daunting, right? Don’t worry; we’ve been in your shoes. No matter what your plans are for China, you can’t do it without a well-crafted WeChat marketing strategy. While we covered the topic in this article, today we focus on WeChat advertising strategy.

This article will provide you with a tailored guide on how to maximize your marketing efforts through WeChat ads. Ready to revolutionize your advertising game? Let’s dive in!

Brief Overview of the WeChat Platform

WeChat, launched by Tencent in 2011, has grown to become one of China’s most dominant social platforms, boasting over a billion active users. Its rapid growth can be attributed to its diverse user demographics, catering to various age groups, interests, and regions, and maintaining high levels of engagement through its multifaceted services.

From simple text messaging to voice and video calls, social media sharing, and even financial services, WeChat has transcended the traditional boundaries of messaging apps.

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For advertisers, key features such as WeChat ads, Official Accounts, and Mini Programs provide fertile ground for targeted marketing, making WeChat an indispensable tool for reaching Chinese consumers. Its ability to offer personalized user experiences has cemented its position not only as a social networking giant but also as a versatile platform for modern advertising strategies.

What is WeChat Advertising?

WeChat advertising refers to the various marketing and promotional activities carried out on the WeChat platform, a popular multi-purpose messaging, social media, and mobile payment app developed by Tencent in China.

WeChat advertising is highly customizable and offers precise targeting options, making it a versatile and effective way for businesses to reach Chinese consumers. With its wide user base and integration into daily life in China, WeChat provides a significant platform for domestic and international advertisers alike.

Benefits of Using WeChat Paid Advertising in the Tourism Sector

WeChat paid advertising offers several unique benefits, especially in the context of the tourism market in China. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Wide Reach: WeChat’s vast user base offers tourism brands access to a massive audience of more than 1.2 billion people, both domestically and internationally.
  • Targeted Advertising: Specific demographics can be reached, allowing for personalized campaigns tailored to different types of travelers.
  • Interactive Engagement: Features like WeChat Moments and Mini Programs enable interactive content, enhancing user experience with the brand.
  • Convenient Booking and Payment: Integration with WeChat Pay provides seamless booking and payment options, simplifying the purchasing process.
  • Building Brand Loyalty: Through Official Accounts and personalized content, tourism brands can cultivate relationships and encourage repeat business.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: With various pricing models and options, WeChat offers flexible and budget-friendly advertising solutions.
  • Localization and Cultural Relevance: Tourism brands can create content resonating with Chinese culture and travel preferences, building an authentic brand image.

In essence, WeChat paid advertising offers tourism brands an effective and versatile platform, combining reach, engagement, convenience, and cost efficiency, all tailored to the unique dynamics of the Chinese travel market.

Different Types of WeChat Advertising

When it comes to available paid ads choices on the WeChat advertising platform, there are three main types of WeChat ads:

  • WeChat Moment Ads
  • WeChat Banner Ads
  • WeChat Mini-Program Ads

WeChat Moment Ads

WeChat Moments Ads are advertisements displayed in a user’s Moments feed, where friends share updates and information. These ads can appear as a single image, multiple images, or a short video, providing a visual and interactive experience.

Targeting Options

Advertisers can target users based on various criteria, including age (usually between 14-60 years old), gender, location, interests, and even device type. This precision targeting allows for highly personalized advertising campaigns tailored to specific audiences.


WeChat Moments Ads are typically priced on a CPM (Cost Per Mille) or CPC (Cost Per Click) basis.

The minimum entry price for both Chinese and foreign companies is 50,000RMB.

City sizeText & Pictures Ads CPMVideo ads CPM
Core city150180
Large city100120

The cost can vary significantly depending on the chosen targeting options, ad format, and competitive demand for the ad space.

Components of a WeChat Moments Ad

  • Visual Content: An engaging image or video that resonates with the target audience.
  • Ad Headline: A concise and compelling headline that captures the essence of the offer or message.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) Button: A clear CTA that guides users to take the desired action, such as visiting a website, joining a Mini Program, or making a purchase.
  • Link to Additional Content: An option to link to more detailed information, such as a landing page or an article, providing users with more context or offers.

Who Will Benefit the Most from WeChat Moments Advertising?

  • Travel Agencies: Offering exclusive packages and deals through visually appealing Moment Ads can capture the attention of potential travelers.
  • Airlines and Cruise Lines: By showcasing new routes, special discounts, or luxury experiences, these companies can directly appeal to those planning trips.
  • Tourist Destinations: Cities, regions, or specific attractions can utilize Moments Ads to showcase their unique features and appeal to those looking for new travel experiences.

WeChat Banner Advertising

WeChat Banner Ads are visual advertisements that typically appear at the bottom of articles or within Official Accounts on the WeChat platform. These ads are usually rectangular and are designed to be visually appealing without disrupting the user’s reading experience.

Targeting Options

Similar to Moments Ads, Banner Ads allow advertisers to target users based on a range of criteria such as age, gender, location, interests, and more. This enables the creation of highly targeted and relevant campaigns to engage specific audiences. A banner ad on WeChat is a very powerful option and cheaper than Moment ads.

WeChat advertising: banner ads


WeChat Banner Ads are generally priced on a CPM (Cost Per Mille) or CPC (Cost Per Click) basis.

The minimum entry price for both Chinese and foreign companies is 50,000RMB.

City sizeCPM1CPC2
Core city25Bidding system
Large city20
Others15Starts at 0.5 RMB / click

CPM (cost per 1,000 impression). 

Who Will Benefit the Most from WeChat Banner Advertising?

  • Hotel Chains: Promoting special rates or loyalty programs through banner ads within related travel content can effectively reach those in the booking phase.
  • Car Rental Companies: With targeted banner ads, these companies can appeal to independent travelers looking for transportation solutions.
  • Travel Insurance Providers: They can use banner ads to promote their services within travel planning articles or platforms, reaching those looking to secure their trip.

WeChat Mini-Program Ads

WeChat Mini-Program Ads are advertisements that can be integrated within WeChat’s Mini Programs, which are sub-applications within the WeChat ecosystem. These ads provide an immersive and interactive experience, allowing users to engage with brands without leaving the WeChat platform.

Targeting Options

Mini-Program Ads offer sophisticated targeting based on user behavior, interests, demographics, location, and more. Advertisers can target users who have engaged with specific Mini Programs or those who fall into certain behavioral patterns, providing highly personalized advertising experiences.


Pricing for Mini-Program Ads may vary based on the ad format, targeted audience, and competitive landscape. Advertisers can choose between different pricing models such as CPM (Cost Per Mille), CPC (Cost Per Click), or CPA (Cost Per Action), depending on the campaign goals.

The minimum entry price for both Chinese and foreign companies is 50,000RMB.

City sizeCPM1CPC2
Core city25 (70)Bidding system
Large city20 (65)
Others15 (60)Starts at 0.1 RMB / click

the prices in brackets are for mini-game ads

CPM (cost per 1,000 impression).

Who Will Benefit the Most from WeChat Mini-Program Advertising?

  • Online Travel Booking Platforms: Mini-Program Ads allow platforms to offer interactive booking experiences without leaving the WeChat ecosystem, simplifying the process for tech-savvy travelers.
  • Tour Operators: Providing detailed itineraries, virtual tours, and instant booking options through Mini-Program Ads can attract those looking for guided travel experiences.
  • Local Experiences and Attractions: Offering instant ticket purchasing or reservations through Mini-Programs can cater to both domestic tourists and international travelers within China, who are looking for convenient access to attractions.
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Which Advertising Method Will be Best For You?

In summary, the choice between Moments Ads, Banner Ads, and Mini-Program Ads depends on the specific needs and strategies of the tourism companies.

Moment Ads are particularly suitable for those looking to visually showcase offerings and engage potential travelers, while Banner Ads provide a strategic presence in related content, and Mini-Program Ads enable direct and interactive transactions.

Understanding the target audience and aligning the advertising method with the company’s goals can lead to a more effective and impactful WeChat advertising campaign.

Is WeChat advertising the right choice for your tourism brand?

Advertising through WeChat can be a valuable tool for expanding your audience and enhancing brand visibility, but it may not suit every business.

WeChat Moment ads, with their non-intrusive appearance and seamless integration into users’ feeds, often appeal to larger, well-known tourism brands seeking to promote new destinations or exclusive travel packages. However, the high initial costs associated with these ads might deter smaller or more specialized travel businesses.

WeChat Banner ads, on the other hand, can be an attractive starting point for emerging tourism brands or those looking to steadily grow their WeChat following. Though generally more affordable, these ads might not yield the highest quality of leads.

Comparatively, WeChat advertising holds particular merit for recognized travel brands that have a comprehensive strategy across WeChat and other platforms, allowing them to utilize various communication methods to engage followers. However, it may not be as effective as other platforms like Facebook, where targeting can be more precise, leading to potentially higher quality and quantity of leads relative to the investment.

How to Promote Your Tourism Company without Paid Advertising on WeChat?

WeChat offers a variety of effective organic advertising channels for targeting the Chinese tourism market, including WeChat Official Account, WeChat Mini Program, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing, leveraging the Tencent location database, and utilizing WeChat Pay and Wi-Fi spots.

WeChat Official Account

WeChat Official Accounts are one of the best advertising channels on WeChat for the tourism market. They allow brands to create and share content directly with users, and interact with them in various ways.

With unrestricted access to the Channels feature, merchants can communicate with specific groups using different forms of media. This provides promotional opportunities for tourism stakeholders to showcase their services and target overseas travelers effectively.

By leveraging WeChat targeting options, advertisers can reach their desired audience and make a lasting impact in the Chinese tourism market.

WeChat Mini Programs

WeChat Mini Programs are a powerful advertising channel on WeChat for the tourism market in China. Launched by Tencent in 2017, they have become an integral part of WeChat’s advertising strategy.

In fact, around 40% of WeChat’s ad revenue comes from Mini Programs. These programs can be categorized by industry and have been successfully used in various sectors, including tourism.

For brands in the tourism market, utilizing WeChat Mini Programs as part of their marketing strategy is crucial for engaging with Chinese consumers. So if you want to reach and attract Chinese tourists, leveraging the potential of WeChat Mini Programs is a smart move that can yield great results.

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing

KOL marketing is a great strategy to connect with your target audience on WeChat. It’s all about partnering with popular accounts and influencers who have a big following on the platform.

By doing this, you can reach a wide audience and build brand awareness. KOLs have a lot of influence in China, especially in the fashion industry, so collaborating with them can really impact consumer behavior.

When it comes to WeChat advertising, working with KOLs is one of the best ways to introduce your brand to the Chinese market.

Leveraging the Tencent location database

The database provides valuable geographical information that allows marketers to reach a diverse range of potential customers in the tourism industry. With access to data from Tencent’s location database, businesses can develop data-driven marketing strategies and select the most suitable advertising platform to reach their desired audience.

This not only expands advertising reach but also improves targeting strategies for better results in the competitive tourism market.

Live-streaming as a new advertising form

Live-streaming is an exciting new way for brands and businesses to advertise on WeChat. With live streaming, you can engage with your customers in real-time, creating a more interactive and personal experience.

It’s a great tool for promoting the tourism industry and reaching potential tourists online. By hosting live streams on WeChat Channels, you can connect with fans and showcase your brand or destination.

Tourism e-commerce live streaming is also gaining popularity, allowing you to tap into the online consumption potential of tourists. So if you’re looking for innovative ways to promote your tourism business on WeChat, definitely consider incorporating live-streaming into your advertising strategy!

Content Strategies for Effective Tourism Advertising on WeChat

Creating visually appealing and engaging content is crucial for effective tourism advertising on WeChat. Here are some important strategies to consider:

  • Use stunning photos: Share high-quality images that showcase the beauty and attractions of your destination. These photos should capture the attention of Chinese tourists and make them want to visit.
  • Include captivating videos: Videos can be a powerful tool for storytelling and showcasing unique experiences. Create short videos that highlight the best aspects of your destination, whether it’s scenic views, local culture, or exciting activities.
  • Leverage user-generated content: Encourage Chinese tourists to share their travel photos and videos on WeChat by running contests or offering incentives. User-generated content adds authenticity to your advertising and helps build trust with potential travelers.
  • Optimize for mobile viewing: Remember that most WeChat users access the platform through their smartphones. Ensure that your visual content is optimized for mobile devices, so it loads quickly and looks great on smaller screens.
  • Tailor visuals to your target audience: Consider the preferences and interests of Chinese tourists when creating visual content. Research their travel behaviors and preferences to understand what types of visuals are most likely to resonate with them.

We Are Experts in WeChat Advertising!

Navigating the complex landscape of WeChat advertising in the tourism sector requires expertise, cultural understanding, and strategic planning.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency is uniquely positioned to guide your brand to success in this lucrative market. With a specialization in Chinese tourism, we craft tailored WeChat advertising campaigns that resonate with local audiences and drive tangible results.

Whether you’re a well-established travel company or an emerging tourism brand, our in-depth knowledge of WeChat Moment ads, Banner ads (WeChat Official Account Ads), WeChat Mini-Program ads, and other marketing strategies ensure that your investment reaches the right audience at the right time.

From precise targeting to creative content that speaks to the Chinese traveler, we make your brand’s entrance into the Chinese market smooth and successful.

Contact Gentlemen Marketing Agency today and let us help you transform your Chinese tourism aspirations into achievements.

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