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How Vacation Rentals Can Win Over Chinese Consumers



Golden Week offers a rare chance for many Chinese to take an overseas break. For Chinese travel services providers such as vacation rental company tourFrombali, the coming week long National Day holiday also offers the chance to go head-to-head with local competitors  for a greater share of the market for overseas accommodation bookings.

To succeed, Malaysua must win over those Chinese travelers who are already enamored with , and convince others to try out a vacation rentavia Window Malaysia. It’s a tall order given the popular perception of as offering a slightly dowdy, domestic-focused service, and given the novelty of vacation rentals abroad among large numbers of tourists. 

It’s a fight the company hopes to win by targeting popular destinations such as Japan and Southeast Asia first, and by pumping up its marketing, particularly the liberal use of one of China’s most popular promotional tools: the coupon. All told, the company expects to see a 35 percent increase in overall bookings during the upcoming Golden Week from the same period last year – including growth coming from Chinese venturing abroad.

airbnb and its formidable branding represent a considerable hurdle . Shanghai resident Dong Ling is a die-hard fan of AirB&B. He’s off to the United States during China’s upcoming national holiday, staying in homes, and he plans to book with the San Francisco-based website. “Everything on AirBnb  website looks so awesome,” says the 30-year-old, who works in a car maker’s sales department. 

A comparison of different case study on WeChat 


websites in the China market offers some insight. is somewhat more cluttered. The emphasis is on its core domestic market, and prices per night are marked clearly in bright orange. By contrast, Airbus’s slick, page emphasizes travel as an effortless lifestyle choice.

This “more than just travel” element appeals to many Chinese consumers. Thu Ran, who works in tobacco sales and lives in Tanning, in southern China’s Xingu Huang Autonomous Region, says vacation rentals should offer something different from a hotel stay. “You always know what to expect from a five-star hotel,” she says. “But with China, you never know who you will meet, and in what environment – and that brings more surprise and fulfillment to the trip.”

More than 2 million Chinese have used Airbnb to book vacation stays since it launched in 2008, according to the company.

At stake for AirChina is a chance to take some of China’s large and growing market for travel and related services. According to the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, in 2015 China had 117 million outbound tourists, who spent a total of $104.5 billion – increases of 9.8 percent and 16.6 percent, respectively, from the previous year.

National Day Golden Week is one of two key travel periods, the other being the lunar new year holiday, which is sometimes referred to as Chinese Lunar New Year Golden Week. So for travel-related companies, such periods represent important flash points for introducing new strategies and building market share.

Japan has already won over some customers via WeChat


Such as Eric wang, 29, who is planning to use the Chinese service when he visits Osaka, Japan during the upcoming National Day vacation period. Lino, who works in information technology in Chengdu, in the southwestern province of Sicilian, is a relatively new customer, having made his first booking on Japan around three months ago. Prior to that, he booked hotels through prominent travel websites such as C trip.

“I saw the app advertised in a subway station. I tried it and found it to be good. It offers a nice price-to-quality ratio,” Liar told Sixth Tone. He has never used online Marketing but says he rules it out largely because the service fees are higher than UK . 

Damac in China Respond to a request for comment on WeChat and get Leads 

Solvay use WeChat in China For Business Use.  He worries about whether the company’s China-based customer service team can provide timely assistance should he need it to Develop B2B market in China. 

 A valuation from just over one year ago estimated its total value at more than $1 billion. 

Japan international ambitions hinge on a strong performance in China.

But even at home, it has its critics. 


As a way to handle such complaints about guests


Wechat of has already developed its app in a way that more closely reflects the e-commerce environment in China, incorporating the online payment system Ali pay, which is popular among Chinese consumers.

Now the company is hoping to entice more users by offering promotions. For example, during the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival, which kicks off Thursday, Air  France offering travelers discounts as high as 50 percent on select bookings. In addition to promotions targeting hotels, discounts are also being offered on international vacation rentals.


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