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Turkey, new popular country for Chinese People

For Chinese investors, Turkey is becoming another great destination

There is a plan which allows high-net-worth individuals from other countries to invest from 1million usd to 3 million usd in real estate, government debt bonds or shares of Turkish companies. Those investors would be legible to be granted Turkish nationality if they keep the investment for a minimum duration of three years.

Residency is already offered in Turkey to foreigners who buy property in the country (with a renewable permit that lasts six month).

Chinese investors are already attracted by the Turkish market:

Juwai.com is the leading Chinese international property website; they say this scheme is likely to be popular with investors. Actually Turkey has maintained a low but persistent demand among Chinese investors in terms of buyer enquiries; this is the proof of a good future between the two countries.

In Turkey, property prices are affordable; it begins at around 150.000 usd. The same price in Thailand and Malaysia opened a huge market to a very large pool of upper-middle class Chinese buyers.

Turkish Airlines flies to five cities in China, and in respond for that China is dedicating 2018 as the ‘Turkish Tourism Year’. This means more promotional and digital marketing campaigns designed to promote Turkish tourism among the Chinese people in order to add Turkey to their itinerary.

Chinese like to invest abroad:

Chinese like to invest abroad because of some governmental restrictions mainly in the real estate sector and about getting the currency out of the country let’s see some statistics:

  •  Chinese companies have already invested $18.7 billion in Turkey over the past ten years.
  • In 2016, a total of 167,500 Chinese tourists visited Turkey.
  •  70% of Chinese household wealth is in housing.
  •    Chinese foreign investments are more than 100 billion usd each year; it’s one of the top three investors in the world.

If we take the real estate for example, the bigger part of the Chinese wealth is housing and because the square meter in Shanghai for example costs about 12.000 usd, the Chinese can sell one or two apartments and buy themselves a luxurious villa or many apartments in Turkey.

How the lead generation will help Turkish companies attract more Chinese investors/customers?

The Lead Generation is attracting visitors to your website and turning them into customers (or investors). Lead Generation will give Turkish companies access to a huge pool of traffic.

1/ Online presence is the first step:

China is the most connected country in world, with 731 million netizens in Mainland China only. A Chinese website is the first thing to do in order to reach these people.

In China, people spend 40% of their 24h on the internet; among them we have potential customers, distributors, business partners and potential investors. Finally, consider having a customer’s service in order to reply and to be available for your Chinese visitors.

2/ There is no Google in China, but something else:

When a user searches your business sector, do you appear at the two first pages of Google? That’s good, but it won’t be helping you at all in China. The ‘mighty’ Google is blocked by the ‘Great China Firewall’. The Chinese use Baidu, the number one search engine in China. With more than 657 million mobile search users, Baidu owns 80% of search engine market shares.

In order to be ranked high on Baidu, start by choosing relevant keywords. In the process of internet visibility, backlinks are very important also; integrate them on your website so it can gain more of Baidu’s trust; and last but not least, PPC (pay-per-click) still important (even in China) so people can see promotional offers and special deals leading to your websites.


Same story for Social Medias, if you have a good community management in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, it will be without any effect on Chinese internet community. 99% of the western social medias are blocked by the ‘’great China Firewall’’.

WeChat is the most used one with more than 700 million users. Having an account for your company at this platform will allow your content to be liked, commented and shared, especially if it’s quality content. So we are talking here about a user becoming a brand promoter, not one but thousands.

4/ Just like Turkey, in China Reputation is vital:

In China, your company’s name cannot be visible without having a good e-reputation. if you have an enormous pool of traffic on the website but you have no e-reputation or a very bad one you don’t get leads, because people won’t like to do business with you.


The process is simple, a lead generation agency in china will make sure the bad comments on your brand will not be seen, and will publish valuable content about your company in the forums and e-business discussions; Why? Because a Chinese investor or distributor will always check in the internet before signing a contract with you, they does this in order to see if people know you, and have very good opinion about your services.

If you are a Turkish company looking to get more leads from China, we CAN help you, we’ve been doing Lead Generation for companies from all over the world wanting to get Chinese clients. Contact us to know more about our case studies.

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