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Travel agencies from Buthan, India and Sri Lanka, I have a secret for you!

  • More than 209,570 tourists visited the country, Bhutan last year.

China is not for Non-ambitious companies

Let’s make it clear: It’s a fallacy to underestimate the budget required to attract the most wanted tourist in the world.

China is the largest business travel market in the world. German tourists have spent 68 Billion USD and American tourists 284 Billion during 2016Chinese tourist spend around 320 Billion USD a year.

You can’t mathematically attract these potential tourists while spending few hundred USDs on Baidu-Ads like what you do on Google ads for attracting few European tourists.

The magic Formula is: Ambition + Patience + Medium Budget

The classic way of doing business in China is wrong

Almost all of unaware tourism professionals try to meet potential Chinese B2B tourism agencies or ask digital agencies for contact lists. It does not work like that!

One of our clients refused to go through the only and most effective channel to reach the Chinese audience in almost every business industry “the Digital”, so he went asking for a list of Chinese tourism agencies and tour operators, met 20 of them and came back to us; Result: Money and time wasted, but very important lesson learned “You never contact B2B professionals and seek for partnership directly, they always check your digital presence, if there is no community around your destination or your company, they will not risk partnering with you”

Make money, become serious, then come back to China

Even in Business, there is no shame saying “I am not financially serious for this investment”.

In fact, it’s better than engaging in partnership with an agency to market your business in china and generate leads for you, while being slightly immature.

Be Honest, you’ll make good money in China


Bhutan, India or Sri Lanka are countries with a great tourism potential, if you want to attract Chinese tourists, just focus on marketing your destinations and improving your selling points rather than going in for cheap methods, it’s a pure waste of money.

Seek the guidance of a professional Digital/Lead Generation Agency in China, they will tell you what to do, and guess what? They will do it also; you just have to be financially mature, patient and be a digital player.

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  1. Howdy chinesetouristagency.com

    But the truth is when you use this formula, it becomes REALITY almost instantly!
    Keep on reading and pay close attention to what I’m about to reveal: You don’t need a product, list, domains, website, experience, or even MONEY to do it!

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