Top destinations for Chinese tourists

Where Chinese travel this year, what are top country visited by Chinese travelers in 2024?

Top 20 destinations for Chinese tourists

The three favourite destinations for Chinese tourists in 2024 are:

  1. Thailand – Known for its welcoming culture, vibrant street food, and picturesque beaches.
  2. Japan – (yes 😉  ) Popular for its cherry blossoms, technology, and culinary experiences.
  3. South Korea – Attracts with its K-pop culture, fashion, and skincare products.
  4. Singapore – Offers a mix of modern attractions and diverse cultural heritage.
  5. Malaysia – Known for its beautiful islands, rainforests, and multicultural environment.
  6. Vietnam – Offers rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning natural landscapes.
  7. United States – Popular for its large cities, national parks, and entertainment options.
  8. Australia – Attracts with its wildlife, natural wonders, and large Chinese communities.
  9. Canada – Known for its natural beauty, clean cities, and friendly locals.
  10. United Kingdom – Appeals for its historical landmarks and educational institutions.
  11. France – Famed for its cuisine, fashion, and romantic appeal, especially Paris.
  12. Italy – Draws tourists for its historic sites, art, and world-renowned cuisine.
  13. Russia – Known for its grand architecture and significant historical sites.
  14. Germany – Offers rich history, engineering marvels, and hearty food.
  15. Switzerland – Popular for its alpine scenery and luxury watch shopping.
  16. New Zealand – Offers stunning landscapes and adventure tourism.
  17. Indonesia – Attracts with Bali’s beaches, and rich Indonesian culture.
  18. Spain – Known for its festive culture, historical cities, and Mediterranean beaches.
  19. United Arab Emirates – Attracts with luxury shopping, modern architecture, and desert experiences.
  20. Philippines – Known for its beaches, natural beauty, and hospitality.



How many Chinese tourists travel oversea?

Chinese tourists were among the most numerous and highest-spending travelers worldwide. In 2019, Chinese citizens made approximately 155 million outbound trips. This figure illustrates the immense scale and economic impact of Chinese outbound tourism on global travel markets.

$422 billions: the size of the Chinese outbound tourism market

However, these numbers saw a dramatic decrease during the pandemic due to travel restrictions, both internationally and domestically within China. The recovery of Chinese outbound tourism has been gradual and is dependent on the lifting of travel restrictions and the global health situation.

As travel norms begin to normalize and restrictions ease, the number of Chinese tourists traveling overseas is expected to rise again, potentially reaching or even exceeding pre-pandemic levels over the next few years, especially as pent-up demand for international travel among Chinese consumers continues to grow.


The first ten countries on the list are popular among Chinese tourists for a variety of reasons. Here’s a more detailed explanation of what attracts Chinese tourists to these destinations, along with an approximation of the number of tourists based on recent trends:

  1. Thailand

    • Tourist Numbers: Pre-pandemic, Thailand attracted nearly 11 million Chinese tourists annually.
    • Attractions: Chinese tourists flock to Thailand for its affordable luxury experiences, tropical beaches, bustling markets, and the ease of visa procedures. Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai are top spots due to their vibrant street food scenes and scenic beauty.
  2. Japan

    • Tourist Numbers: Japan saw about 9.6 million Chinese visitors in the year before travel restrictions were imposed.
    • Attractions: The draw is the blend of traditional and modern attractions—temples, the cherry blossom season, advanced technology, and unique shopping experiences from electronics to fashion.
  3. South Korea

    • Tourist Numbers: Approximately 8 million Chinese tourists visited South Korea annually before the pandemic.
    • Attractions: The Hallyu wave (Korean pop culture), cosmetic and skincare shopping, and culinary delights like Korean BBQ are major attractions.
  4. Singapore

    • Tourist Numbers: Singapore welcomed over 3.4 million Chinese tourists annually before the pandemic.
    • Attractions: Chinese visitors appreciate Singapore’s clean and safe environment, efficient public transportation, diverse food options, and family-friendly attractions like Gardens by the Bay and Universal Studios.
  5. Malaysia

    • Tourist Numbers: Around 3 million Chinese tourists visited Malaysia each year before the pandemic.
    • Attractions: The attractions include beautiful islands and beaches, cultural diversity, historical sites, and a favorable tropical climate. Kuala Lumpur is popular for its shopping and dining experiences.
  6. Vietnam

    • Tourist Numbers: Vietnam welcomed nearly 6 million Chinese tourists in the year prior to travel restrictions.
    • Attractions: Proximity and historical connections draw Chinese tourists to Vietnam. The country’s natural landscapes, street food scene, and cultural festivals are significant pulls.
  7. United States

    • Tourist Numbers: The U.S. saw about 3 million Chinese visitors annually before the pandemic.
    • Attractions: The U.S. offers diverse experiences ranging from the natural wonders of the National Parks to the bustling cities like New York and Los Angeles. Shopping, entertainment, and educational tourism also draw many visitors.
  8. Australia

    • Tourist Numbers: Australia attracted approximately 1.4 million Chinese tourists annually before the pandemic.
    • Attractions: Known for its natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef, unique wildlife, and large cities like Sydney and Melbourne that offer vibrant cultural and food scenes.
  9. Canada

    • Tourist Numbers: Canada welcomed over 750,000 Chinese tourists each year before the pandemic.
    • Attractions: The natural beauty of Canada is a huge draw, with places like Banff and Vancouver being top destinations. The country’s multicultural environment also makes it a welcoming place for tourists.
  10. United Kingdom

  • Tourist Numbers: The UK saw around 860,000 Chinese visitors annually before the pandemic.
  • Attractions: Historical sites like the Tower of London, educational institutions, and shopping in cities like London are major attractions. The rich history and the arts scene also draw significant interest.


Chinese tourists travelled abroad. They represent the population that spends the most when they are traveling. We all know that Chinese tourists spend a lot of money during holidays, especially in luxury products. China was ranked at the first position since 2012 to 2019 in terms of tourist expenditure abroad with a total of 102$ billion.


More and more Chinese tourists


The World Tourism Organization has explained this record by rising incomes of Chinese  people and the flexible conditions to leave the country. The number of Chinese outbound travelers increased from 10 million to nearly 100 million in the recent years and the expenditure in terms of international tourism of these travellers were almost eight time higher.

In 2019, the favorite destination of the Chinese is Japan, especially Tokyo. The U.S also attract Chinese tourists, indeed, 27% want to go there during this year. Taiwan is also very popular because it moves to the third place in the ranking of the most popular destinations.


Malaysia will welcome Chinese tourists in 2024, here is why

Chinese tourists are big spenders

The forecasts show that Chinese people will represent 29% of the tourists in North America in 2020, nearly 20% in Europe and 30% in Australia and New Zeland. Chinese tourists spent an average of 7.107 dollars per person when they travel to the US in 2010. The average expenditure of tourists in the United States was 2.440 dollars this year. This is an extremely spendthrift clientele.

Good News for Singapore Tourism Industry

Priorities for Chinese tourists



The three priorities of Chinese tourists abroad in terms of expenditure are:

– Shopping

– Restaurants

– Hotels

Chinese spend on average 40% of their budget in ready-to-wear and leather goods.

In young chinese people between 20 and 35 years, the main expenditure is the restoration with represents 70% of their budget, against 60% for shopping and 54% for the hotels. Abroad, there is a fierce competition and  attract Chinese tourists became the first goal of many countries.

The choice of destination input is important for the concerned country. It is important to know that the estimated amount of a Chinese tourist is 1500€.

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