What Are The Top Countries For Chinese International Students?

What Are The Top Countries For Chinese International Students?

Despite the pressures of the pandemic and global tensions for many Chinese students and their families the discernment of studying overseas is still considered far superior and a desirable alternative to continuing their education within China.

Home to an enormous population of 1.5 billion people, it’s no wonder why China dominates the world market. In terms of international student enrollment in higher education institutions, there are presently around 40 million registered – making it indisputably the leading provider worldwide!

Top Countries For Chinese International Students

Which countries are the most sought-after destinations among Chinese students in 2022?

According to Statistica, data gathered from a survey conducted between January and February 2022 revealed that Chinese students and their parents preferred the United Kingdom and the United States as destinations for study-abroad trips. In recent years, though there has been less attraction to the US, more students have shifted their interest towards Britain along with some Asian countries instead.

Top Countries For Chinese International Students

The top favored countries of Chinese international Students

The United States:

The US is gladly accepting applications for visas from Chinese students just as it did pre-COVID. No testing or quarantine needs to be done and all Chinese vaccinations are accepted in the United States.

Despite an 8% decrease from 2020, China remains the lead source country for international students traveling to the United States in 2021 with an average number of 350.000 scholars.

A staggering 30% of international students studying in the US are from China and the US has consistently been the most popular choice for Chinese students. With a large number of universities boasting world-class research facilities and programs, cutting-edge technology, and extremely robust alumni networks – it’s no surprise why.

Top Countries For Chinese International Students

The United Kingdom

Submissions of applications from prospective Chinese undergraduates to educational institutions in the UK have seen a consistent increase amidst the pandemic, growing from twenty thousand in 2020 to an impressive approximate thirty thousand this year.

Despite a 5% decrease in new Chinese student enrollments for 2021, China remains the largest source of international students studying in Britain with around 145.00 learners registered that year – accounting for 38 percent of all overseas students!

No prohibitions are preventing Chinese scholars from journeying to the UK, as visa offices in China remained operational even during the pandemic. Pre-departure screening and quarantine mandates have been abolished entirely; however, when those were still enforced, various British universities promised financial support for any testing or quarantine costs incurred by foreign students. Plus, global pupils can acquire coronavirus vaccinations within the UK.

Top Countries For Chinese International Students

Having access to some of the best universities in the world, benefiting from internships and work placements, as well as a wide range of cultural activities plus the ease of traveling within the UK and across Europe is attracting many post-covid Chinese students to study in the UK.


Canada welcomed over a hundred thousand Chinese students in 2021. this made up 17% of all international students – making them the nation’s largest source of global students after India.

Chinese students who plan to travel and study in Canada must take a COVID test within three days of their departure. But, if they are fully vaccinated, they don’t have to take the test upon arrival into Canada – as this became possible at the end of 2021 when Canadian authorities began accepting Chinese vaccines.


Australia also welcomed Chinese students at the beginning of 2022 to study. Students must be vaccinated and must take a COVID test before they travel and obtain a health clearance certificate, as well as arrange for accommodation in Australia according to the country’s border rules.

By the end of 2021, Chinese students comprised a whopping 30% of Australia’s total international student population; making China the largest source market by far.

Top Countries For Chinese International Students

Hong Kong

Hong Kong invites Chinese students to come and study without any restrictions by the close of 2022. However, please note that tough vaccinations are mandatory for all those entering.

During the 2020 academic year, local universities in Hong Kong – such as the University of Hong Kong, reported a total of 68% of Chinese students among their global student body.

Top Countries For Chinese International Students


Germany recently opened its borders to Chinese international students, granting them the opportunity to pursue their desired studies without having to fulfill any specific entry requirements. This progressive decision also applies to global students who wish to visit and study in Germany.

Germany has become a sought-after destination for international students, with China being the top source country. In winter 2022 alone, more than forty thousand Chinese students were studying at German universities – translating to 10% of all foreign student population. Germany is swiftly becoming one of China’s most popular destinations for those wishing to pursue higher education abroad.

Top Countries For Chinese International Students


China is presently the leading contributor of students within Japan; an astonishing 40% of all foreign students present are Chinese with a population count nearing 122K individuals.

Japan temporarily halted international student visas from being issued during the pandemic. Fortunately, at the beginning of 2022, limited daily access for students abroad has begun and is expected to continue increasing over time.


Singapore is now fully open to international students and Travelers who have received a vaccine can enter Singapore without testing or quarantine.

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Top Countries For Chinese International Students

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