The Plan of Egypt to get more Chinese tourists

Egypt wants more Chinese tourists in 2023 for sur. China and Egypt discuss ways to increase cooperation in archaeology and tourism

After almost three years, China’s travel ban was lifted and citizens can now leave more easily.

To discuss cooperation in the fields of archaeology and tourism, Ahmed Issa, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities met Liao Liqiang, China’s Ambassador to Cairo.

They also discussed ways to increase tourist flow from China to Egypt, and opportunities for investment in the hospitality sector.

They also highlighted the importance of Egypt’s Chinese market as one the most important tourist markets. She referred to a previous marketing study that showed that there are many potential Chinese tourists visiting Egypt and can be attracted to Egypt by large numbers of people.

Egypt a Hot destination for Chinese in 2023

Chinese travel agencies praised Egyptian efforts to promote Egypt as a tourist destination during the pandemic. He cited the many promotional activities it was able implement in recent times, such as the Pharaohs Gold Parade, the opening of National Museum of Egyptian Civilization as well as the reopening of Avenue of Sphinxes. This event had a lot of resonance with the Chinese market which is fond of cultural tourists.

Egypt is increasingly being visited by Chinese tourists, due to its unique and varied elements, including the unique museums and archaeological sites.

Also, the meeting discussed investment opportunities in Egypt’s tourism sector, particularly in the hospitality sector. More than half a million Chinese tourists visited Egypt in 2018

Egypt’s national strategy for tourism development

The minister also reviewed the key axes of Egypt’s national strategy for tourism development and the policies of the ministry to develop Egypt’s tourism sector to increase tourist inflows.

In cooperation with The Ministry of Civil Aviation, the ministry doubled the aircraft’s capacity. It has also been striving to make Egypt more attractive for tourists and improve the quality of services.

They also discussed the possibility of implementing promotional programs for Egypt in China via television and social media platforms as well as participation in cultural and national events and exhibitions to introduce Chinese tourists to Egyptian products and patterns, particularly its ancient civilization.

The ambassador also presented several proposals to improve cooperation between Egypt and China. These included Egypt’s participation at cultural and tourism exhibitions to promote Egypt as a tourist destination in China, China hosting events in Egypt, and the establishment a number joint celebrations and exhibitions, either in person or virtually.

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