The number of Chinese students abroad is increasing despite travel restrictions.

 Germany remains one of the four most popular study destinations in the world, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of international students has increased slightly.

According to the Wissenschaft Weltoffen 2021 report, published by the German Academic Exchange Service and the German Research Center for Higher Education and Scientific Studies, approximately 325,000 international students attended German universities in the winter semester 2020-21. This represents an increase of nearly 5,000 students or 2 percent over the previous year.

Since 2010, the country has seen an overall increase of 80 percent in the number of international students.

SHANGHAI, CHINA – JUNE 20: (CHINA OUT; PHOTOCOME OUT) Graduates attend a graduation ceremony at Shanghai Jiaotong University on June 20, 2005 in Shanghai, China. According to the Ministry of Education, about 3.38 million college students will graduate this summer, 580,000 more than last year. Graduates face fierce job competition, as the number of graduates leaving colleges and universities have increased since 1999. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

The number of first-year international students enrolled in college was only 64,000 last year. This represents a 20% decrease, or 15,000 students, from the year before the pandemic. This figure is consistent with DAAD’s March survey results. However, the organization expects the numbers to stabilize again at the start of the new semester.

Chinese students are the most numerous international students in Germany

China had 41,000 international students in 2020. India (25,000), Syria (15,000), Austria (12,000) and Russia (10,500). 71% of international students enrolled in a traditional university. 29% chose to study at an applied university.

Joybrato Mukherjee, President of DAAD, comments that “the current numbers show that international students continued to trust Germany as a place to study, even during the COVID-19 outbreak.”

“In addition to the great dedication of our member institutions, this is due to the fact that higher education institutions have made significant strides in digitization over the past year. They are now in an excellent position to compete with the best minds in the world, once the coronavirus outbreak is over.”

According to Mukherjee, “We need to understand this strong demand for further digitalization at German higher education institutions.” “We believe that this will also be reflected in the future agenda of the federal government.”

France is not that attractive at the moment explain a member of the Chinese business club at the woman day.

Education marketing: how to attract Chinese students

Many Chinese students believe that working at an international company or university will help them in their professional careers. Wang, a student from Beijing, is an example. Wang believes that if he does not have overseas experience, it will be a major obstacle to his ability to get hired. His classmates agree with him, as many of them feel the same way. They also believe that having foreign experience increases the chances of getting a job at a large company. Young graduates are under increased pressure from society and the economic situation in China. They have to go to college to get a job in China, where competition has been very strong in recent years.

An increasing number of Chinese students are going abroad

It is not surprising that English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom are among the top destinations for Chinese students. The depreciation of the Euro against the RMB, which has attracted more Chinese students to Europe, seems to be a positive sign. Chinese students are attracted to many important industries, such as fashion in France, mechanical engineering in Germany and design development in Italy.

Online service agencies: A growing market

As more and more Chinese students want to study abroad, the number of online agencies that can help students has increased. Fake agencies are known to overcharge their clients, creating a negative image of the industry. People are becoming suspicious. We see that some people prefer to talk to their friends and family.

Schools, universities and industry professionals know what clients want and have created their own online services. According to “iresearch”, the internet is the most used way to find information. At least 36% of students prefer to do research online before making purchases. This is followed by the personal network and the professional network. An education business must be online. Search engine optimization is essential to make your business visible to the public and allow people to get to know you.

Search engines are the best way to get ads.

There are two ways to promote your business in search engines: SEO and SEM. While these strategies are slightly different, they can both get you results. Let’s see how they compare.

Search engine optimization will get your website ranked on the first page of the search engine. Your visibility will also end when the SEM contract with the search engine ends.

Although search engine optimization allows you to achieve the same results as SEM, it takes longer to achieve your goal. It is based on the keywords you use on your website, but this strategy is more reliable, stable and consistent.

Whatever your choice, it is important to do a thorough market research before making any decision. Also, be sure to carefully choose the keywords you will use. If you want to engage in these strategies, this is the first thing you should do. The Chinese use Baidu, but you already know that, don’t you?

Why social networks are so important

The Chinese are extremely connected!

A strong e-reputation will be built by good posts on media.

To find the best information online, students will have to visit several websites. Remember that each social media platform has a different communication style, so adapt your message. Alumni testimonials can be a great place to start. Your product should be different from your competitors. We are here to help you!

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