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Tasmania is attracting Chinese tourists

Over the past years, Tasmania has become a popular destination among Chinese tourists. In 2014, the number of Chinese visitors traveling to Tasmania has increased up to 61 percent compared to 2013.

As Chinese travelers have curiosity to explore new places, Tasmania has become one of their destinations.

China is the country which provides more tourists in the world and also, Chinese are the travelers who more spend in their trips. That is the reason why Tasmania is trying to attract more Chinese visitors.


Why Tasmania is a popular travel destination?

Tasmania is an island state, part of Australia which has stunning landscapes and a rich history and heritage.


Tasmania is an island rich of history and culture. The island’s deep indigenous history, convict story and rich colonial heritage combine to create a history that will fascinate you.


In Tasmania, Chinese tourists have the chance to visit contemporary art galleries and historic museums and also participate in vibrant festivals and events.


Tasmania has a unique landscape with numerous national parks and reserves that provide habitat for an abundance of wildlife. In Tasmania, Chinese tourists can see some animal species that can’t found nowhere else on earth such as the popular Tasmanian devil and the tiny Tasmanian bettong.


The island offers to visitors a huge diversity of landscapes such as rivers, mountains, beaches and even a desert.

Food and Wine:

Tasmania is globally well-known due to its delicious wines, artisan cheeses, exquisite seafood and tis fresh fruits and vegetables.

In June 1999 in northern Tasmania, was uncovered the first black truffle in the world. Since then, the desire of many international chefs to serve these fresh and delicious truffles is increasing.


Tasmania offers a huge range of cool-climate wines, with Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Gris, and Gewurztraminer all grown and produced there with excellent results. Also, Tasmania has a well-known reputation as a leading producer of some of Australia’s premium wines such as Pinot Noir and sparkling wines.


What happens with Bobbie the Bear?

Since the appearance of the Chinese model Zhang Xinyu with Bobbie the Bear on social media platforms, a huge number of Chinese people are traveling to Tasmania with the aim to purchase the toy which is banned in China because is considered as a bio-security hazard.

The owners of Bridestowe Estate, a lavender farm created Bobbie the Bear as a way to tap the excess of dried lavender they had. One year after the photo posted by the Chinese model, the farm has received around 65.000 Chinese visitors who wanted to buy the toy.

bobbi the bear

Due to the strong demand, the farm is not able to produce enough bears and therefore the farm has established a rationing system, limiting purchases to one bear per customer.

It is a reality that this especial toy has boosted the number of Chinese tourists to Tasmania.


How Tasmania is becoming “China ready”?

The state government has sponsored a “China Ready” guide for tourism operators that encourage them to offer slippers, cup noodles and fancy condoms to Chinese guests, with the lure of Bobbie the bear an added bonus.

In order to attract more Chinese tourists, airlines are increasing the number of flights from China to Tasmania.


Port Arthur Historic Site is one of the most significant heritage areas of Tasmania. This place was an Australian penal colony in the 19th-century which was the home of thousands of violent convicts sentenced to “hell on earth”. There, the convicts lived in awful conditions including floggings and isolation in dark and dank cells.

Only in the first half year of 2014, the number of Chinese visitors to the World Heritage-listed site quadrupled to 16.000 in comparison with 2013.


Tasmania’s Port Arthur Historic Site has decided to build a Chinese website which includes information about Port Arthur, what visitors can do there and allowing online ticket bookings. In addition, the tourist destination has integrated Mandarin-speaking tour guides among their services in order to attract more Chinese tourists.

With the aim to attract Chinese visitors to Tasmania, it is essential develop a marketing strategy to reach them. Promote the country and the services through Chinese Internet including search engines, social media platforms and a mandarin website are techniques indispensable to reach Chinese tourists and attract them.

If you are interested to captivate Chinese travelers, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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