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Solution for Dubai Businesses to get more Chinese Clients

Dubai-China relations are really Good ! 

In April 24 of this year, hospitality and airline executives said that they’re expecting the continuous booming of Chinese inbound tourism; This optimistic vision was brought to light at the 24th edition of the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) in Dubai.

Akbar Al-Baker, Qatar Airways CEO eulogized the visa-on arrival process (for Chinese visitors) that was implemented by the Gulf Arab states in September 2016.

Another value judgment was the one of Elie Milky, the VP for business development in the Middle East at Carlson Rezidor, an American-Belgian hotel brand, he said that they are running nine hotels in United Arab Emirates and will open another 14 resorts by 2019; This, according to him, is mainly because of the very fast growing number of visitors from China in particular, he added also that all of their hotels in the Middle East employ Mandarin-speaking staff.

UAE’s new visa policy for Chinese travelers starts to pay already

In the first quarter of 2017, visitors from China were 4.57 million travelers; it’s clearly an 11% increase compared to 2016’s same period. The biggest hospitality group in UAE controlled by government, Dubai Tourism, is very optimistic about this year’s future results.

Also, the Dubai’s government company Emirates Airline launched Chinese cities of Yinchuan and Zhengzhou as their 4th and 5th destinations in China in May last year.

China’s strong growth in number of visitors in reaction to the United Arab Emirates’ initiatives is a clear evidence of the importance of such measures as facilitators of tourism growth.

So, as a Dubai company, how to get more Chinese Clients?

Before answering this question, you have to know these facts:

  • Chinese tourists spent 104.5 billion usd in 2015 in the UAE.
  • Chinese foreign investments are more than 100 billion usd each year, it’s one of the top three investors in the world
  • Chinese property investors spent 460 million usd in Dubai, for them real-estate is one of the most lucrative sectors.

Chinese like to invest abroad because of some governmental restrictions mainly in the real estate sector and about getting the currency out of the country. So because 70% of Chinese household wealth is in housing and because the square meter in Shanghai for example costs about 14.000 usd, the Chinese landlord can sell one or two apartments and buy himself a Chateau in France.

Lead Generation is your weapon to attract Chinese investors/clients:

A lead is a website visitor (person or company) asking for a brochure, a callback or simply for more information about your products and services, so Lead Generation is attracting visitors to your platform and turning them into customers.

1/ Be present Online:

In China netizens spend 40% of their 24h in internet, we’re talking about more than 660 million netizens in Mainland China only; This is what makes China the most connected countries in the world. First thing to do: create a Website in Chinese with a customer service available around the clock in order to reply to any request. Be constantly available for your Chinese visitors.

2/ There is no Google in China: You have Baidu instead

You are ranked high in Google? In China it will be useless, simply because the ‘mighty’ Google is blocked by the ‘Great China Firewall’.

Will benefit from an enormous traffic if you rank yourself on the two first pages, this is because Baidu owns 80% of the search engine market in China and there is 650 million mobile search users using it.

SEO (search engine optimization) on Baidu is very vital to your online visibility process; This is achieved by choosing relevant keywords on the website and optimizing it for Baidu, you also have to put backlinks in your website in order to gain Baidu’s trust (because backlinks generate traffic on Baidu); Finally consider finally consider a PPC ( pay-per-click) campaign, it’s some sort of advertising banners ( just like Google ads).

3/ WeChat: the Number One social Media in China:

And again, western Social Medias are blocked by the ‘great China firewall’; So if you have a good community management on Facebook, Twitter, instagram or YouTube, it will be useless in China.

WeChat is the most used social media in China, with more than 700 million users, so in order to connect with Chinese costumers/investors; you will have to be present on WeChat to reach these people by creating an official and verified account.

Finally, the quality of the contact and it’s originality will push the community to like, comment and share. Being smart, adapting your business to this complex and lucrative market will get you leads indeed.

4/ E-Reputation:

Before signing a contract with your company, Chinese investors will always check your reputation on forums, online discussions and social Medias. If netizens are saying good things about your company and the KOLs (key opinion leaders) recommend you, it will affect positively your e-reputation.

Collaborating with a local marketing agency is the best way to build a strong e-reputation. It will make sure that negative comments are nearly impossible to be found on Baidu.

Finally, consider PR and post press releases about your services on Chinese e-magazines.

If you are looking for a Lead Generation Agency, if you need a professional to enhance your business and bring you more leads (investors, customers) from China, We are the partner you’re looking for.

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