Real estate agents in China are searching for new options

Real estates agents in China are not making lot of deals since the real estate market is going down and Chinese real estate investors lose the trust (and money ) in their property investment in China.

These hundred thousands of real estate agents are searching new solutions to their rich clients.

The complex Property market in China

Tensions in China’s realty market have brought to light the risks inherent in high-level debt accumulation and high investment rates. The source of the debt has expanded beyond traditional banks. Non-bank financial institutions are now providing financing that is more volatile and less susceptible to changes in investor sentiment. Tensions within large corporate sectors can be transmitted to the rest the economy via a variety of channels. These channels include households which are increasingly leveraged and have significant exposure to the real-estate market. An increase in Chinese growth could have global consequences due to the importance of China’s economy, its global trade links and central role in international commodity markets. This article will examine the rising financial risks in China’s economic due to increasing leverage in the private sector, interconnectedness between financial and nonbank financial sectors, as well as the growing debt exposure of households.

Top Real estate groups in China are in crisis

Evergrande founder offers luxury personal property for a discount in order to pay off debt obligations

Hui Ka Yan is the founder of Evergrande Group, which is in debt. China Fund News reported Wednesday that Hui Ka Yan was selling another mansion in Shenzhen, South China, Guangdong Province.
The property measures 980m2 and has four living rooms, four bedrooms, a wine cellar, and an infinity-edge swimming pool. It was originally purchased at 400 million Yuan ($62.9 Million) and is now only 280 million Yuan.

Real estate Agent said that buyers must prove they have 100 million yuan of cash flow.

All these big real estates groups stop paying real estate agents

This was not the first attempt by the founder to raise funds through the sale of luxury assets in an effort to pay Evergrande’s debt obligations.

China Situation to the Real estate and credit

The recent stress in China’s real estate sector has highlighted tensions in China’s corporate sectors between high rates of growth, high leverage, and low levels of credit. 1 This is due to investment spending being one of the main drivers for growth. The recent troubles in China’s realty sector and the difficulties in payment experienced by many large Chinese property developers such as Evergrande illustrate the risks associated with the high-leverage, high growth, and ultimately highly interconnected business model that is common among Chinese corporations and real estate developers.

Chinese real estate agents prefer to work with popular real estate developpers

Ensure your visibility in the Chinese Real Estate Market

You must make your company visible in order to establish a presence in a particular market. This is particularly true in China. China is not the place for a company that is already well-known and established on the international markets. China should be approached differently. Each country has its own reference tools.

They are searching on Baidu New options

Baidu SEO for real estate is very important.

Baidu is the Chinese search engine that we can most closely compare to Google. Do you see the potential visibility your company could achieve if it was well-respected there? 1 million users, per day.

Word of Mouth in China

Referring is crucial. This will make you visible to targeted real estate agents.

To do this, you must be able to use Search Engine Optimiz techniques. You don’t need to know all the techniques. Baidu has its own rules. You should learn more about Baidu. GMA,a Chinese professional in digital marketing, has written articles to inform about several techniques that promote SEO by Baidu.

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Enhance your brand image , real estate agents prefer to work with clean partners

You are now visible. Attract your target. A well-designed brand image is crucial to attract your target.

It is important to follow Chinese standards. You will find that the sales process can be lengthy and may take longer for you. You will need patience because of language barriers, currency, and legislation. Therefore, patience is a must!

WeChat to communicate with these Agents

WeChat is the most important. It’s no secret that WeChat has become an indispensable tool for Chinese business.

WeChat to develop your real estate agency image.
Most likely, you already know WeChat. However, do you really know WeChat as well as a Chinese person? It’s unlikely. It is unlikely. The platform is well-known to the real estate agents who will be working with you. They also use it daily for commercial purposes.

Mini-programs from WeChat are a revolution in e-commerce. This allows companies to create a customized online store. It’s easy to personalize your site using HTML5. Mini-apps can be used to represent the brand of the customer. It is therefore essential to project the right image.

Users don’t even need to download any applications. All they have to do is open the WeChat Mini-program and they can shop online or play video games. It’s very user-friendly and convenient.

Your Chinese website is your portal for these agents

Because it’s a reliable and effective way to educate your target market, a Chinese website is vital for your business. A Chinese website that is well designed can be extremely helpful. Keep in mind that the website design and content should appeal to Chinese audiences. It should also be located in China for a great user experience.

The Storytelling… a secret way to engage with Chinese investors.

The storytelling strategy is extremely popular in China. To give first-hand information to your viewers, you can showcase your brand’s value and concept on your website.
It is difficult to win the trust of Chinese consumers. Storytelling can add value to your products.

Direct communication with customers is what is most important. It is therefore essential to install a Chatbot on your website platform. This is a common practice in China. It allows you to build trust by showing the customer that you are available for them. This will help you promote your brand image and make it easier for real estate agents to do business with.

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