Next challenge : Attract Chinese tourists to “China”

Next challenge :  Attract Chinese tourists to “China”

Traveling to China is not a dream now! for Chinese .

Most of travel agencies in China or in from all over the world always seek best chances and unique travel offers to attract their visitors to visit anywhere in China for different reasons.

Chinese Tourism player are investing in “China”

China is the biggest outbound market in the world where people likes to go and want to spend their times to make their memorable events splendid and awesome. Most of travel agencies are interested to get unique offer to attract travelers to visit anywhere in China. Online access provides instant source and multiple resources. Foreign investors have many opportunities to start viable travel agency in China.

Lead Generation Concept and its Importance for Businesses

The term of lead generation means to attract visitors and turning them into potential customers. The objective of lead would be for a company or for specific identity and the leads have something unique in common.

The authorities should have access to ask for personal information such as name, home address, and contact number or for email etc. The information helps for travel companies to trace you and top ask your plans to visit somewhere or to contact them with a tailored offer.

travel Startups

Many travel companies are taking interest to start businesses in China and travel companies are also in these categories. Lead generation is the initiation of clients interest or to inquire something like products and services. The process of lead generation varies from time to time, from purpose to purpose. Sales leads can be enhanced on behalf of personal efforts or with available resources. Methodologies and concepts to create demand for lead generations are different depending upon requirements and opportunities in the markets. The marketing process of stimulation and getting interest in a product or service for the sake of developing sales pipeline varies depending on project nature and availability of resources.

Relationship of Lead Generation and Travel Agency in China

In short term, with step by step moving towards guidance and asking from someone to like or to dislike something to exciting success stories comes under lead generation. Bearing pressure in tough or in soft conditions and showing interest to build a highly effective lead generation strategy helps human to take the right decisions. If someone is interested to start travel agent business in China, he/she should understand the rules and regulations to run travel business in China. Lead generation travel; agency in China is successful and have lots of opportunities to attract people from all over the world to China and to earn profit by increasing travels volume during whole year.

Step One: Online Presence

Chinese people are connected mostly in the world. It is estimated that there are almost 660 million citizens in Mainland are there to enjoy fun and other activities. Website comes first to aware people and to get their early responses. Approximately 40% is needed to come online and to present something into proper format. Website is best and authentic source to give awareness to the people and to interact with each other. Online presence has many values for the business owner as well as for marketing agent who will work hard to convey messages properly. 24 hour service gives instant response and the required products/services opportunities to solve any type of travel issues. Give live chat features to listen interested customers queries and try to accomplish tasks within short period of time.

Step Two: Visible and Prominent Position In Market

If someone likes to recognize in China then he/she should do efforts to have to be searchable. Most searchable means more chances of profit and public awareness so try hard to identify your brands on Chinese search engine and place your positions prominent as compared with others. Get high ranks on the most used search engine in China which is Baidu. Western search engines are not allowed in China.



Baidu is in top of the list in China which is covering almost 80% of the total search engine position with almost 650 million mobile users as well. Getting rank on first or second pages means you will have to a huge pool of traffic. Keyword relevancy, quality contents, to the point contents, no duplications and strong back links helps to get early rank on Baidu search engine. Always follow to specific Baidu’s requirements which align with Chinese government regulations and show your responsible behavior all the times. Never upload all types of forbidden contents which are not allowed to upload on Baidu. Internal and external back links of your business or personal websites should be strong which allows you to rise in Baidu’s trust “fund”. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is also another useful source which is also famous to earn profit in China.

Step Three: Interact your Followers through Social Media

Almost every Chinese has social media account and uses frequently. Chines social media platform is different as compared with the world. WeChat, QQ, WeiBo, Ren Ren are the most popular social media platforms in China.



WeChat comes first in the list of Chinese Social Media which have almost 690 million users and then Weibo is on 2nd number which has almost 222 million active users and it is like of Twitter. If some of travel agencies want to convey their messages and want to engage their traffic then they should follow all the rules and regulations of social media to get popularity and good position in Chinese atmosphere. Interact your followers through social media and convey your campaigns properly to receive instant feedbacks from your followers and friends.

Step Four: Manage Your Online Reputation

Doing more and more efforts means reaching at the top of the point to recognize your brand reputation among Chinese atmosphere.

“Chinese are scared of buying fake product and cheating services”, explained this blog 

Online reputation management

Managing reputation need great efforts and challenges. Don’t try to break the trust of the engaged people and always provide them fair and accurate information what they deserves from you. Upload quality stuff and useful material on your websites to give awareness to the people and build your strong reputation on search engine or in social media platform to attract your client’s attention. Always focus on quality, uniqueness, standards, values, ethics and formal activities to influence your audience otherwise there are lots of your competitors who can beat you anytime.


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