New Zealand ready to welcome Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists are more and more numerous to travel through the Islands. With the expansion of Chinese tourism around the world, many countries see the potential in this new market and want to better integrate them and welcome them to their territory.

Opportunity of the Chinese market

The Director General of the City of Marlborough, Tracy Johnston, said that despite the fact that Chinese visitors come from growing in the region, they don’t represent the largest share of their market. Indeed, their main markets in volume are turning to the US, the UK, Australia, Germany and France. However, they are very positive about the potential of Chinese tourists.

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The wine market could attract Chinese tourists

Johnston was present during the Trenz tourism conference in Rotorua, attended by representatives of the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, as well as those of the company Beachcomber Fun Cruises and Malrborough Tour Company, who all worked to forge links with other operators and buyers from around the world.

“We are not here to just talk of Chinese tourists, of course, but obviously they are part of it. Chinese tourists start coming to New Zealand in greater numbers and they are diversifying their travel itineraries, “said Johnston. This means that rather than make traditional visits, they prefer to visit other places. The wine market is booming in China, and Johnston believes this is a point that should play to attract more Chinese in Marlborough.

“The food and wine are two particularly interesting aspects for Chinese buyers who travel. We can also offer nature tours and many other things. “


Some initiatives to develop Chinese tourism

China Airlines announced it will extend its service to Christchurch, following a three-month period of success, in December 2014 to February 2015.

Christchurch Airport has announced a regional economic development program, bring together the 15 tourism organizations in the region worked together to improve the tourism market.

The program will begin with a budget of $100,000 and is intended to help both the region tourism operators to develop the Chinese tourism market. Johnston declared that she has met Christchurch airport to discuss the initiative of the program and to encourage tourism operators to implement the program when it is applicable in July.

New Zealand wishes to attract more and more Chinese tourists because in a long-term, they could become a huge market for the country.

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