New requirements for keeping Chinese tourists in 2023!

With 100 million Chinese tourists setting out to discover the world more and more customer needs have to be met.

This clientèle that more and more countries will be trying to attract in 2023 because of their number and their high purchasing power has more requirements.

The basic needs of Chinese tourists are satisfied: slippers hot water, mandarin speaking personnel, it’s all there.

2023 is a new day. There are new tastes because Chinese tourists want to feel good.

According to the results of a new Small Luxury hotel survey, there are several features and services that Chinese travelers expect beyond equipment that has become typical in many hotels in the world such as slippers, kettles, or staff who speak Mandarin.

Chinese tourists are seeking high-tech rooms.

For example, for Chinese tourists being away does not mean disconnection from the internet. 65% of the tourists wanted to have free WiFi in the room. This represents a higher percentage on any other market which is probably caused by the strong taste for Chinese for digital in general. Similarly, they are 29% want a host system for iPod / iPhone which is a direct consequence of the high penetration rate of this equipment in China. As for WiFi, this feature has been very popular with Chinese travelers.

Personal experience has taken an important place in their travels. When choosing a luxury hotel, their personal experience matters even more. “Personal character and charm”, are the most desirable features among all groups looking for luxury hotels.

They are more attentive to the quality of food and drinks

No surprise here, when you know how many scandals there have been recently in Chinese about food and beverage. Quality food and beverage are also part of the traveling experience for a lot of Chinese travelers: 51.5 percent said they wanted a prestigious restaurant in the hotel, while 48.5 percent would like a rooftop bar.

They also like to consume wine, beer, and champagne in the mini-bar along with soft drinks: Coca-Cola was their favorite brand of mini-bar.

Their four-legged friends are an integral part of their adventure, take them into account!

The survey also revealed a small but visible number of respondents (7.3 percent) who wants to bring their pets on vacation. They expect hotels to provide them with adequate equipment.

The Maldives is the destination to choose to install its hotel luxury store

Hotel stores in search of the next favorite luxury tourist destination should focus on the Maldives, the first destination mentioned by the Chinese interviewed for this survey. In addition, the brand that the Chinese want to find more in this kind of place is definitely Hermes.

By their number and their significant buying power, it goes without saying that Chinese tourists greatly influence hotel policy regarding equipment. They have no other choice but to adapt for providing high-quality services and be as responsive as possible in order to avoid bad publicity, because of the taste of the Chinese for the digital world. Information amongst Chinese people spreads very quickly.

The Internet Word of Mouth and the improvement of services in hotels go hand in hand

In such circumstances, it is necessary to appeal to an agency that will be able to control reputation to limit the damage caused by bad comments via Internet word of mouth (IWOM). This same transmission channel of information is perfect to attract Chinese tourists to your structures. Knowing these things is increasingly important to be able to differentiate yourself from the competition by maintaining a competitive edge.

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