Nepal says welcome to Chinese tourists

Bishnu Pukar Shrestha, the ambassador of Nepal to China, stated on Sunday at a tourism-related event in Beijing that Nepal strongly adheres to the “one-China” policy and is dedicated to not permitting any action on its soil that is directed against China.

The remarks were made by the ambassador on Sunday night at a gathering at the Nepalese embassy in China called “Mountaineering and Trekking in Nepal.” The celebration of the 67th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nepal included the event.

“Excellent historical ties that span centuries as well as mutual trust, understanding, and good neighborliness characterize relations between Nepal and China. The mountains and rivers, love and affection, harmony, and togetherness bind the two countries’ complex relations together “said he.

As Nepal adheres firmly to the one-China policy and is dedicated to not allowing any action in its territory that is intended to harm China, Shrestha emphasized that “Nepal puts tremendous value to its relations with China.”

The ambassador claims that frequent high-level meetings and virtual exchanges have considerably aided in the expansion of practical cooperation in trade, tourism, investment, education, culture, and interpersonal ties.

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Nepal in March and met with Narayan Khadka, the country’s foreign minister, in Kathmandu. Wang emphasized during the meeting that China will unwaveringly pursue friendly policies toward Nepal, enhance mutually beneficial cooperation, and push the creation of a China-Nepal relationship regardless of how the international scene and domestic realities in the two countries change.

This week, Khadka will travel to China at Wang’s invitation. The reciprocal visits by the foreign ministers over a six-month period will show how friendly and trusting the two nations are with one another.

At the ceremony on Sunday, Shrestha expressed Nepal’s desire to receive more Chinese visitors who would like to visit the nation for mountain climbing.

“We are currently experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to avoid and contain this pandemic, Nepal and China have been collaborating and supporting one another. Nepal is now open to everyone and enthusiastically awaiting your arrival, keeping the preventative and control mechanism in place “added he.

Fully immunized individuals are not obliged to quarantine in the nation, according to the embassy. Additionally, there are now direct flights from Chengdu and Kunming to Kathmandu, and direct flights from other Chinese cities will eventually restart as well.

“There are eight mountains in Nepal that are over 8,000 meters in height. The Himalayan mountain range has pure natural beauty and a rich culture. Nepal takes great pride in its snow-capped huge Himalayan peaks, deep gorges, lovely forests, numerous species of flora and wildlife, cool climate, traditional culture, festivals, and sites of worship. I have no doubt that the warm Chinese people will enjoy adventurous trekking and mountaineering “said he.

Every year, millions of Chinese tourists travel to locations around the globe, including Nepal, for climbing and trekking. Chinese tourists are fascinated by Nepal’s mountain tourism, he continued.

Along with encouraging coordination, cooperation, and joint action, the ambassador encouraged increasing climbing and trekking in Nepal while also protecting the mountains and its biodiversity and ecosystem.

On Sunday, attendees included members of the media as well as representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the Chinese Adventure Association, and the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

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