Medical Tourism is booming in China

Medical tourism is expanding all over the world !

Medical tourism

People in the world wants to enjoy the best medical treatments. Especially in countries where medical systems are not effective or too expensive. That’s why, medical tourism is expanding in various countries and for different reasons.

Chinese Medical Tourism  

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Western tourists are interesting in Chinese medical cares. Indeed, China offers few cheap and healthy specific treatments. Then, China is attracting tourists for it traditionally medicine. For example, some Europeans don’t get medical cares covered in their country, and then, are interesting in enjoying Chinese health care system in order to save money.

Nevertheless, that’s not so easy to reach Chinese medical system. Indeed, the government is really strict. In China, there is a lack of high-end medical services in order to nurse the whole population. Liu Tingfang, Tsinghua’s University teacher wants to open more quality services and welcome more foreigners.

Some of this services have created yet. Indeed, province of Hainan is the new center of Chinese traditional’s Medicine. Thanks to this site, 3000 patients can be treated per year. Then, 30000 foreigners have already been nursed.

Recently, Shanghai and Beijing offered the same initiatives in order to increase the medical tourism.

Finally, China needed to develop it Medical system to have the tourists trust by getting certifications of good quality of treatments.


Chinese are attracted by Medical Systems abroad

Also, medical tourism concerns Chineses too. Indeed, they are more and more interested in following treatments abroad for any reasons. Firstly, they come for various specific cares like plastic surgery, further tests or cancer treatments. Secondly, they are sensitive to the quality’s cares and can pay many money in order to get a top range of services with adapted menus.

The last years, 60000 of Chineses left abroad in order to get medical treatments. Thus, the Chinese medical tourim goes on increasing especially thanks to the European population’s ageing involved by medical cares’ development.

To sum up, medical tourism is very positive for the economy’s development in Europe and have to be maintain.


The Japanese Medical tourim is developing too !

Japanese natural medicine


Chineses are the main interested in Japanese medicine ! Indeed, medical market could be very successful and bring around 700 million of dollars per year in the next years. This issue is very positive compared to the last year with environment troubles.

Zhang Lang, a young chinese girl boasted the good reputation of Japanese medicine in China. She was welcomed by Asahiwaka hospital which is well-equiped and offers many treatments such as, comprehensive health checkups, plastic and cosmetic surgery, liposuction and boobs remodelling. Then, Asahiwaka’s atmosphere is very healthy and you can come there to breath pure air.

According to her, Chineses are very sensitive to a good health. That’s why, medical tourim is increasing in Japan. A high services’ quality  is very expensive in China and some chineses have to save much money in order to be nursed instead of Japan offering natural treatments as thermal sources at low prices.

Nevertheless, currently, Beijing and Tokyo fought some islands and conflict is worst since Tokyo has nationalised its which involved many violent protests in China against Japaneses.

This event will have an important impact on Chinese medical tourists minds towards Japan. However, Japanese Medical tourim could expand thanks to foreigners from Russia or USA which represents 7 millions of dollars of the tourist market.

Finally, this challenge represents a huge opportunity and Japan has to make some efforts for specific VISA’s getting, traductors employment, have good relationships with Chinese neighbors !

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    In the past 2 years a growing number of Chinese are coming to Israel mainly for Fertility treatment, Coranary and unique treatments in less popular feilds like Otolaryngology, Pediatrics etc. Because of the culture and health sysem Israel Offers The state of the art facilities and most ipdated protocols and mdicine ant prices much lower and suitable for the rising middle calss that can afford treatment abroad but also care about their money.

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