Kenya launches a marketing campaign and make Chinese People Dream

Everybody in China dream to travel again… and many people are talking about fancy destination like Africa, and the beautiful Kenya.

Wednesday marked the launch of a six-month campaign by Kenya’s tourism marketers to promote domestic tourism, which had been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Betty Radier, chief executive officer of the Kenya Tourism Board, stated that the campaign will allow Kenyan tourists to receive seamless hospitality services from the partnerships.

Simple Pictures can really be effective

Radier stated that the partnership will bring on more than 20 partners, including tour operators, airlines, and hotels, to create seamless travel packages.


During the launch of the campaign in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, she stated, “This campaign will give us the opportunity to enhance the experience that travelers can have in the destination outside of the beach and safari products, and to expand into other cities.”

Radier observed that major cities such as Naivasha, Kisumu, Nakuru, and Nanyuki are quickly becoming popular domestic travel destinations in addition to Mombasa, Enditem

While international travel remains appealing, it appears that recovery will take quite some time

Chinese tourists express an interest in both domestic and international travel. Despite the fact that international travel is restricted and the majority of respondents continue to view it as unsafe, the survey continues to reveal a robust interest in international destinations. The desire to travel abroad has returned to pre-pandemic levels, with the Asia-Pacific region leading the way (24 percent ). The most popular international travel destinations are Russia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Japan.

Numerous factors influence international travel arrangements. Recent policy declarations by China are delaying international opening. This will make leisure travel difficult to continue. When traveling abroad, the Chinese consumer seeks a total absence of COVID-19 cases (86 percent of respondents rated this as a top three factor). As the world adjusts to new COVID-19 outbreaks, it is unlikely that this scenario will occur. Given its low number of COVID-19 cases, Hong Kong appeared to be the next potential destination. However, it is difficult to predict the traffic impact, and recent outbreaks complicate the reopening of the border. The removal of quarantine upon return to China is the second most crucial factor.

How is COVID-19 affecting travel from China?

Travel restrictions coming in and out of China and around the world have diminished the tourism industry in the past year. That being said, with the implementation of a new vaccine throughout the world, travel is expected to pick up once more.

Some countries may even implement a “vaccine passport” which would allow individuals who are able to verify that they have received the vaccine to travel even before larger travel restrictions are completely lifted.

Although the return to normal may be slow, it can be expected that once travel is more widely accessible again that people throughout the world, and especially from China, will be itching to satisfy their travel bug.

Build your e-reputation in China with Digital Marketing

Chinese Social networks

The Chinese are more connected than ever since the majority has access to the Internet and therefore to social networks like WeChat which is a must in China, but it must be present in all other social networks, namely, QQ, or Weibo, to have a wing that covers the sky of social networks in China.

Press Relation

Chinese people rely on online reviews to find new places. If you want your business in China, it is important that they come across well and establish themselves as the expert tourism company of choice for Chinese tourists abroad. One way is by using Mandarin content such as press releases distributed through platforms like Baidu which are a lot more popular than Google here!

SEO (Search engine optimization) on Baidu

No need to remind the social networks are not the same in China, the classics are even blocked … So, you must adapt to Chinese social networks, namely Baidu or WeChat the well-known app, by which you will be even closer to your visitors and interact more, in terms of SEO on Baidu you should know that it is not the same as on Google.

You need to adapt your marketing strategy, but how?

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