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Italy is a top Destination for Chinese tourists

Increasingly more, Chinese tourists are travelling overseas and they choose European destinations as Italy.

In 2019, chinese visitors favorite destinations were :

  • Northern Lombardy region, whose capital is Milan.
  • The central Lazio region, whose capital is Rome.
  • Followed by Tuscany, whose capital is Florence.
  • Finally the Veneto region, where Venice is the capital.

The National Italian Tourism Board made announcements concerning its plans to open two new tourists offices on the chinese mainland : one in Shanghai and one in Guangzhou, this will serve the purpose of “reinforcing and supporting the growing interest of chinese tourists in Italy.”

Italy has become one of the most popular destinations for Chinese travelers.

According to a survey of the China Tourism Academy, the satisfaction index of Chinese tourists during their travels in 2014 was 76.98.

The research included 24 countries around the world, however the countries with the highest satisfaction levels were Italy, Singapore and the U.S.A.


This year the Chinese tourist satisfaction has been better than past years, because countries destination have started to adapt their services to these demanding travelers. Nonetheless, this year the number of complains and reported complaint has increased up to 12.98% and 1.68% respectively.

The major issues that Chinese tourists experienced were related to travel products and service quality, public service including Chinese language support and sense of security.


According to the survey, Italy that ranked the highest in the Chinese Tourists Satisfaction Index.

All countries desire attract Chinese tourists, that’s why the Italian government has announced the simplifying of the visa and reduction of visa processing time in order to stimulate Chinese travelers to choose Italy as their vacation destination.


Chinese tourists are the biggest spenders in Italy, especially in luxury items. Milan represents around 33% of the Chinese spendings in Italy.


Milan is the favorite shopping destination for Chinese tourists. More and more Chinese tourists travel to Italy not only to visit the Italian landscape and culture, also to choose Italy due to its consideration as European fashion cradle.

Italy is home of many high-end brands such as Fendi, Armani, Prada or Dolce & Gabbana.


Italian cuisine offers an explosion of flavors and aromas in a vast number of traditional dishes. Pizzas, pastas, pesto, cured meats and the huge quantity of cheeses are some of the symbols of this Mediterranean country.


Chinese travelers love Italian food due to its similarity with their local food. As example, noodles are a typical dish in China and due to its likeness they use the term “Italian noodles” to describe Italian pasta.


Chinese citizens are passionate about wines, especially Italian wines. In Italy, Chinese travelers have the pleasure of tasting an excellent wine in its native environment which is something unparalleled.


In addition, tourists can visit prestigious wine cellars and vineyards while they enjoy a unique and exclusive experience.

Lambruscos, Sicilian wines, Tuscany’s Chianti, Piedmont’s Barbera are some of the high quality wines that travelers have the opportunity to try during their holidays in Italy.


Travelers can find different kinds of landscapes such as seaside regions with beautiful beaches and prominent cliffs, rural areas some of them with amazing vineyards, islands, mountains, lakes or impressive active volcanoes.


Italy offers a huge variety of environments which allow tourists to have a complete and interesting travel.


Italy is a very cultural country, where they have converged various historical eras such as the ancient Rome, the Middle Age, Renaissance and Baroque which have contributed with many historical works that Italy still keeps.

In Italy travelers can find more than half of the works of art of the whole world such as the Capela sixtina of Michelangelo, Michelangelo’s Pietá, Michelangelo’s David, or The Birth of Venus by Boticcelli between many others.


However, some of the most famous places to visit in Italy are the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon,Trevi Fountain, Vatican City and Pisa.

As we see, Italy offers to the tourists a large variety of activities and landscapes mixed with an unique and rich architecture which is able to transport the tourist to a different epoch.

Perhaps, that’s the reason why Chinese tourists are so captivated with Italy.

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