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Indonesia plans to attract 250,0000 Chinese tourists for the Chinese New year

Indonesia will allow Chinese tourists to return after lifting travel restrictions.
Despite recent increases in COVID-19-related cases in China, this is still a significant number.

The entry regulations for Chinese tourists are the same as those for all other travelers. The only requirement for entry to Indonesia is to present proof of vaccination.

The goal of attract 250,0000 Chinese tourists can be achieved.

The impact of foreign tourists from China who visit Indonesia is significant. The country saw two million tourists visit it in 2019, making it the second-highest tourist destination from any country in Indonesia.

An immunity level of more than 98 percent. Let’s get out there and work hard on the Chinese market. But, we must also be enthusiastic about quality, sustainability, longer stays, as well as increasing spending on local economies. The minister stated that we must welcome Chinese tourists in an open and respectful manner, with great care.” source

Indonesia wants to attract 3.5 million Chinese tourists for the 2023 year.

Airlines are ready

Chinese airlines are now asking for permission to fly direct from Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing to Indonesia.

Flexiblity for Chinese travelers

Chinese tourists are not required to test any products, they can simply come as regular tourists

Many other countries have tightened their borders for Chinese tourists. Some countries that require mandatory COVID-19 pre-departure tests for Chinese tourists include the United States, France and Australia.

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