Attracting Chinese tourists in 2023 is all about Digital 

Digital is the new way to attract Chinese tourist

You may be an online travel agency looking to reach Chinese customers. You have wonderful, peaceful and beautiful destinations to offer. The only issue is that reaching your target Chinese customers in 2023 won’t be easy if you only focus on one aspect. In this article, we will give you 4 tips that will help you to attract Chinese tourists to book at your travel agency.

1. A great website

First and foremost, you should have a wonderful website. A well-designed website with good colour combinations, space, and high-quality graphics. It should also facilitate the customer journey by being easily navigable, ergonomic, and intuitive, thanks to a simple menu, and a well-organized homepage.

The home page can be used in several ways. For example, by presenting special offers targeting Chinese tourists, inserting an online searching tool which would introduce your offers to the visitor.

For example, by presenting special offers targeting Chinese tourists, inserting an online searching tool which would introduce your offers to the visitor.

The Chinese customer just like any other online customer would not appreciate spending a lot of time looking for content. So get your customer with interesting and captivating content. You can take a look at the website of Aiguemarine

????Aiguemarine Case Study:
A Fench luxury tour agency contacted us to attract Chinese tourists from the scratch. First, our team has made a several consulting sessions in order to help optimize Aiguemarine’s packegas for affluent Chinese travellers needs.  

We have started with building their Chinese website, registering Chinese social media accounts and strong word of mouth campaign in Chinese medias. We have concentrated efforts on Baidu SEO (as affluent Chinese travellers never click ads), WeChat, Weibo and Red. Later we also invited a few Chinese travel KOLs to be Aiguemarine’s first guests on tailored trips to Monaco and Provence.

After 12 month of campaign Aiguemarine’s website was on the #1 page of Baidu by all the search requests related to luxury travel around France.  Organic lead generation together with strong Social Media and E-Reputation campaigns resulted into bringing Aiguemarine more than 300 leads per month. As recommended they also hired Chinese speaking personnel, including managers and tour guides. According to company’s feedback, they have reached ROI on the 11 month of campaign. For now Aiguemarine is the most well-known French luxury tour agency in China.

Why content quality is important?

  • Pictures
  • Writtings
  • Design page

In terms of content, what is your challenge? Combining information about the company’s history, offers, products, and services AND be creative!

Creativity is the most challenging part! You may even complete your blog by advising on travelling to the destination you offer. The destination must be presented with high-quality pictures.

Lastly, having a responsive design is a real plus as 80% of Chinese internet users go through their mobile phones to go on the internet.

2. SEO strategy

To further attract Chinese customers, you may create an SEO strategy if you don’t already have one. If you do, do your best to improve it. If you can’t do it by yourself, it’s a good investment to look for a partner which would be in charge of this for you.

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Why SEO?

  • 80% of Chinese internet users search on Baidu
  • Ranking of Keywords on Baidu

The more Chinese online visitors you attract to your website, the more potential customers you will have. Hence, having a Baidu strategy will greatly help in the process.

3. E-reputation

To attract the right visitors to your website, having a well-established e-reputation is a huge advantage. Showing positive reviews on your websites from former customers will reassure the potential Chinese customer.

5 Tools To Work On Your Reputation In China

Why E-reputation?

  • Good comments, positive impact on your website
  • Word of mouth in China

One way to collect positive reviews to display on your website or other relevant websites would be by having a comment section or directly asking for a review via e-mail to your customers. Of course, it’s a lot better if they are Chinese. That way they can relate to the comments.

An e-reputation can also be built by creating partnerships with other related service providers. For example, an airline company or a travelling blog.

4. Use social networks to complete the process

Last but not least, fostering your presence on major Chinese social media networks such as WeChat, Weibo, QQ or even Youku, is an additional and useful tip to use. The main function of social networks in China is to enable its users to share content (pictures, reviews, ideas) on travel destinations and to see where friends travelled to.

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However, nowadays, using social networks only to share content and attract customers is not enough. These tools should be paired with an effective SEO and E-reputation strategy as well.

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