How Ecuador Farmers can Win the Chinese Market ?

In 2008, Ecuador declared that its nature had constitutional rights, making it the first country to do so. As a result, Ecuadorians do not treat nature as property, rather they recognize it is a living thing with a right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles. These aren’t all the strange and interesting facts about Ecuador, there is much more to learn about this wonderful country.

Ecuador Shrimps Production

 According to the ucn website, Ecuador shrimp farmers are selling record volumes to China, and prices are going up. For the country’s top producers, China is the gift that keeps on giving.

Ecuadorian companies have bet big on China’s expanding middle class, as they spent a significant amount of capital on lifting their processing capacity. That bet appears to be paying off, as prices climb amid buying for the Chinese New Year.

Also, wholesale shrimp prices have jumped by about 15% in the past couple of weeks a government clampdown on smuggling from Vietnam created scarcity ahead of the strong buying period. There is more uncertainty about the continuing strength of the market beyond the Chinese New Year, said  a Chinese-based importer.

Ecuador exported a record 42,000 metric tons of shrimp in December 2018, meaning annual output surpassed 500,000t for the first time, according to recent customs figures. The boosted output is mainly down to yield improvements, namely better feed quality, feed distribution and animal husbandry. Some areas north of the Guayas Delta have been developed to boost output as well, a top producer said.

How  Ecuador Companies can better understand and enter into the Chinese market ?

Ecuador sits at a privileged position in the market because of its preferential access to the Chinese market and its strong country-brand image in the country. Several producers from other Latin American countries, including Panama and Mexico, seek alliances with Ecuador to sell their shrimp.

While some countries have suffered from the Chinese clampdown on the Vietnamese smuggling route, Ecuadorian exporters have experienced a smooth transition to direct free on board shipping entry into China through local traders.

Using  Cross border ecommerce platforms

Chinese Cross border e-commerce websites are the easiest way to sell products in China. Develop your Business via Cross border ECommerce  is a process that must be managed carefully.  That means, you should :

Select your most suitable crossborder platforms

Tmall, Taobao and JD are the giants of thee-commerce. They are the bigger platforms and also the bests in terms of quality and safety. Two important points in China.

Because these e-commerce platforms are very popular in China, it’s not easy to sell on that platform. Most of them only accept brands who have already a significant presence and realized high sales in China. That’s why most of the spirits brands failed to sell on the giants’platforms, Tmall, Taobao or JD.

If you are a luxury brand or a premium brand, you can try to sell on Tmall and JD because the 2 platforms want to keep a high ranking and only offer to their consumers famous brands and quality products. That’s why they are so selective.

If you are not very famous yet, Wechat store also provides good e-shops. It’s a bit more accessible for beginners of this market.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

The most popular and used social networks in China are WeChat and Weibo. Therefore, you can promote your seafood business through these two platforms which can push your business reputation online to a new high level if the methods are appropriate.

WeChat, developed by Tencent has more than 1 billion active users every day. The social media platform is more than only a social media app. Tencent developed a lot of other services to adapt their contents to users’ needs.

It’s also very convenient for brands to communicate with their target. The platform is known for its communication services in which users can send messages, share images and videos, voice call and video call other users on a closed network. Having an account on WeChat enables you to promote your brand via mobile or tablet.

Weibo is the second-most mass-used social networking site in China, with around 82% penetration rate across the country and more than 50 million active users per day in 2016. Weibo is very popular because it’s the first place where Chinese users can express themselves without suffer with government’s censorship. For the first time, Chinese people can speak about every subject, and they love it.

The social microblogging network has also attracted more than 130,000 companies. It’s very important for spirits brands to create their own Weibo Official Account, and get their account verified. If your account is signed as verified, you will have more followers because it’s a legitimacy proof for chinese users who know that the Weibo process to have a verified account is complicated and long but ensure the legitimacy of a brand.

More than 56% of Weibo users follow at least one brand on Weibo. In addition, on Weibo, you don’t need to be connected first to follow a brand.

Be Visible on SEO

Due to 75% of the research in China are on Baidu, you need to have a good ranking on Baidu to be visible if you want consumers easily to find your business and buy seafood from you.

To develop your visibility on Baidu, you can use different solutions:

Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM): this solutions are very efficient but can be quite expensive on ong-term.

SEO is better for long-term strategies, and extremely efficient but ask you more work. SEO is a long-term process, requiring writing articles and content using keywords, in order to increase presence on the web for search engines.

Baidu has its own websites and redirects 27% of its traffic to these sites: Baidu Zhidao (Q&A), Baidu Baike (Wikipedia), Baidu Tieba (Forum). This means that, in order to promote your website on the Chinese internet, you also have to be active on these affiliating websites of Baidu.

Manage your customer service

Authenticity – Chinese buyers believe they are getting genuine produce, as labeling issues and product substitution is a big problem domestically.

Cold chain – Online retailers have massive logistical and economic heft in China, meaning the nation’s otherwise shoddy cold chain network is well served by digital sellers.

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