How Brands can Appeal to the Affluent Chinese Travelers?

Chinese tourism is increasingly interesting in terms of numbers and turnover. A growing trend that is always double-digit and constant. China has long been the first country in the world for outbound tourism. And according to the World Travel Organization, in 2020 Chinese tourists in the world will grow further to reach 100 million. A trend destined to grow according to all studies.

China: The first country in the world for outbound tourism


In addition, affluent tourists from Mainland China continue to consistently spend more while traveling abroad than tourists from any other country in the world. Research by the United Nations World Tourism Organization found indeed that Chinese tourists spent on average twice as much, for example, as their counterparts from the United States while overseas

Chinese tourists tend to have high service expectations and are usually eager to spend on luxury goods, jewelry, and apparel. These travelers love to shop when they are abroad, especially for items that may not be readily available in China. Buying abroad, especially in Europe and the United States, also guarantees that the goods are genuine. Counterfeit product sales are such a widespread problem for brands in China that consumers are often afraid to purchase them at home.

Brands should adapt to the Chinese Travelers’ needs

Your store must be adapted to the needs of Chinese travelers as in the case of payments. Because many Chinese consumers don’t carry physical wallets, so providing mobile payment platforms that deliver information in shoppers’ native languages and currencies can make checkout more pleasant.

Another thing that Chinese people seek is a one of a kind, exclusive experience, make sure you offer fun and the latest trends. That said, it’s important to know that almost 90% of Chinese people do their research at home before traveling, either for choosing a restaurant or for a clothing store.

Therefore, how you can attract Chinese tourists to your brand? How to do marketing for Chinese before they land in your place? In this article, we see some strategies to put in place

How you can attract Chinese tourists to your brand?

Chinese consumers are reached online

The Internet is the main tool for Chinese tourist. 70% of Chinese people check everything online from booking a hotel to buying a bag in a foreign destination. First, they look for the necessary information, then make their choice

However, the decision-making process is long: before the final decision, they control the social networks. They read reviews, look at photos, check their reputations and services on forums and then turn to their network of knowledge. Trust is built both from the perception of information found on the network and from the company’s communication skills.

There are several solutions to attract the attention of Chinese tourists through digital tools, here we share some of them:

Have a Chinese site: Aiguemarine GMA-Case

Internet in China is increasingly influential, large and small brands and companies use it to promote their businesses. Having a site in Chinese is the first essential step to make yourself known by your customers. Because of the language barrier, many Chinese do not speak English, so they must be able to browse the site easier for information. If you want a Chinese tourist you need to have the information in Chinese.

The most important thing you need to make sure that your site is available from within Mainland China.

Use local social networks

A strong presence on social networks increases the chances that your brand is well perceived and shared among users. Social interaction with your potential customers is vital if we really want to build a relationship of trust with our potential client.

Chinese Internet users spend most of their time on social networks like Weibo and Wechat (91% of Chinese netizens). These are two social networks to be privileged absolutely. For example, WeChat now acts as a central hub for the digital life of most Chinese consumers. They use it to communicate, of course, but also to pay their bills, purchase goods, and services, or book restaurants and movie tickets.

It is essential to publish many multimedia contents on their social channels: beautiful photos, videos with “dreamy” images … all contents that can be used by agencies to attract customers, but also to direct them in choosing their destination. Be generous with content and do not skimp on information and details. 

A good rankinon Baidu: TourFromBali GMA-Case

Being referenced on Baidu is an absolutely important move to attract Chinese tourists. Baidu is the main search engine in China and has virtually a monopoly. According to the “China Internet users Search Behavior Report”, the users interviewed said they used it in 90% of online searches.

Chinese tourists will then search for information on anything on Baidu. It is essential that companies find themselves on this search engine with a website in Chinese. Also, you should invest steadily in your SEO in order to grow your organic traffic with Baidu.

Contact cyber celebrities(KOL)

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are famous people who move mostly on the web. These people in China are very respected and have a lot of fans, they are bloggers, video bloggers or movie and television characters. They are very popular and whatever they do is commented on by millions of internet users.

The typical key opinion leader sells his ability to influence companies to promote their brand, so he/she can be contacted for a campaign or to push a particular product. Influencers are fundamental allies for digital marketing strategies in China. We recall that, as emerges from a report by McKinsey & Company, Chinese consumers before finalizing a purchase find 3 of the 5 main points of contact with companies in the digital world: website, social networks, and influencers.

Thus in conclusion, if you want to reach Chinese travelers, it is essential to implement a correct digital marketing strategy. Let’s summarize the three basic points:

  • Have a business website also translated into Chinese and optimized for Baidu, the local search engine.
  • Develop a communication strategy on the main Chinese social networks such as WeChat and Weibo.
  • Supporting the image of your brand with local influencers.

Most Chinese consumers are wary, they need information and reassurance, and before finalizing their purchase they do a lot of research. It’s an important choice for them, so you need to be powerful in communication. Having a good reputation on different channels is the right way to win their trust and agree on their preference.

If you need a digital marketing plan or you just need more information, contact us. We are a renowed web and marketing agency, specialized in E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

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