Egypt will launch a Tourism Marketing Campaign in China

The Egyptian tourism minister announced Wednesday that Egypt would launch a tourism promotion campaign in order to draw more Chinese tourists to Egypt’s monument-rich Arab country.

Chinese tourists want to travel in Africa in 2023 after end of covid restriction

Egypt want to target Chinese rich travellers

Egypt’s tourism industry has many goals, including launching new routes and learning Mandarin. It is not content to sit by as post-revolution issues keep American and European tourists away.

Minister said that she was invited to the forum by the minister “to share the success stories of Egypt’s tourist sector.”

She was proud to note that her ministry received the World Travel Markets Global Leaders Award, the first award for its contributions to the industry.

2023 will be a great year for Chinese Egypt Tourism

Egypt’s tourism sector achieved a record-breaking revenue in fiscal 2018, which reached 12.6 billion U.S. Dollars. This is 28 percent more than the previous fiscal year.

Many Egyptians see Chinese tourists as Long, their answer to all of their prayers. The revolution caused tourism to plummet. However, sun and sea tourism along the Red Sea have shown some signs of improvement, while cultural tourism remains in decline. Last year, it was reported that revenue from cultural sites has fallen by 95% after the revolution.

China is the only market that has not shrunk in terms of cultural tourism. The number of Chinese tourists is not expected to decrease, but it is expected that they will double their numbers from the pre-revolution level.

China has been attracting more Chinese tourists to Africa due to its increased Sino-African trade, investment and aid relations. China’s Cultural Diplomacy in Africa is outlined in the Beijing Action Plan of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. It outlines a range of areas for cultural cooperation including education, press, publishing, media, tourism, and people-to people exchange programmes in academia, think tanks, and among young women, athletes, and women.

Egypt has ambitions

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President Abdel Fattah El Sisi reaffirmed Egypt’s determination to develop cooperation with China in various domains at either the Arab or bilateral level through their comprehensive strategic partnership.

Sisi made these remarks at a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Bassam Radi, the presidential spokesperson, said that Sisi had congratulated the Chinese president on his third term as secretary general of Chinese Communist Party.

He expressed his hope for further development of bilateral relations in the future.

Sisi was congratulated by the Chinese president for organizing the global climate conference, COP27. He stated that China is always keen to promote its relationship with Egypt in all areas.

He stated that Egypt offers many promising investment opportunities, so there are great prospects for economic cooperation and trade exchange.

According to the spokesman, Sisi was referring to integration between the Belt and Road Initiative and Egypt’s development efforts. This included those related to Suez Canal development and Egypt’s infrastructure, particularly roads, energy, and ports.

He wanted to increase the number of Chinese tourists visiting Egypt, and the volume Chinese investments in Egypt’s market, particularly in the areas of localizing industrialization as well as the transfer of high-tech technology. source

Both sides discussed the challenges facing the Middle East. The Chinese president thanked Sisi for his role in preserving regional stability and security through the fight against extremism, terrorism and other terrorist acts. read more

In 2019, Egypt saw nearly half a million Chinese tourists.source

Will Egpyt Travel agencies ready to catch these Chinese tourists?

Most travel agencies in Egypt are too small, and do not have the capacity to welcome Chinese tourists.

Leck of Digitalization, no website, no Chinese guide, no Chinese cultural understanding.

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