Do Chinese tourists prefer personalized travel in 2023?

After the harsh COVID times, group travels are set aside for Chinese tourists. You will not any more see them getting out of several buses per ton. Those are increasingly many to turn to personalized travel, more interesting according to their taste.

Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists have been for a few years encouraged by the Chinese government to travel abroad. Moreover, with the economic growth of the country and their purchasing power which increased, those treats to travel more and more abroad. They were more than 150 million outbound travel from China in 2019, but of course, the Pandemic made some corrections.

Group travels

Privileged for a long time, the group travels allowed the Chinese to feel more secure. Moreover, many don’t speak the host country’s language, so these group travels are a way for them of being able to visit while having all information when they visit in their languages. But, on the one hand, because of the covid fear and the new generation searches more to raise new challenges and grants little importance to the language barrier.


Individual travel preferred

This new trend is brought by the young people market growing up who see the group travels as exceeded and not “cool”. It should be known that it is at least 90% of the Chinese tourists travelling abroad have less than 45 years. More and more Chinese tourists prefer to organize their own travel while choosing the places they wish to visit. That also gives them more freedom in their movements. The hotels note that the number of their customers not travelling in a group is more than before. They are, according to the report of the International Chinese Travel Monitor of Hotels.com, more than 70% prefer the individual traveller.


Social networks also accentuate this attraction for the individual traveller. Gu Yue, a young blogger had posted on his account, all its tours from Beijing to Berlin to see his girlfriend.

How Chinese Celebrities can Boost your tourism destination ?

Travel agencies

Most of the travel agencies in China offer only travel done in a group. Little proposes individual travel. Chinese tourists will simply turn to the Internet to find offers answering their demands. Online travel agencies like Ctrip, Elong or Alitrip knew to attract these customers and enable them to prepare their travel including flights and hotel reservations.

Some sites more specialized in housing as Zanadu propose luxury accommodation. The hotels which understood well the importance of Chinese tourism in their economies make additional efforts to attract them.

How to cooperate work with a Chinese tour agency in 2023?
????Expert tips:
  1. Use WeChat to reach them – they don’t read emails
  2. Work on your e-reputation before contacting them – they are careful to choose partners
  3. Translate website or create an H5 page in Chinese – they can understand your services
  4. Prepare to bargain – this is the way Chinese agencies negotiate 
  5. If they criticize, means they like what you offer. If don’t respond – they’re not interested
  6. Always work on prepayment, even if it is your old partner!


The individual travel market is a market in full growth which will not stop as soon. The various tourist actors in this market increase their efforts to attract Chinese tourists to their homes. Our digital marketing company based in Shanghai, Gentlemen Marketing Agency, will help you to understand Chinese tourists and captivate them thanks to the best marketing tools.

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