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Chinese tourists eager to see Disneyland Shanghai

Chinese eager to see Disneyland Shanghai

The amusement park long-awaited has not opened yet but Chinese tourists still came to see.
Chinese tourists excited about the opening of a new theme park, opening scheduled for June 16. They still came to visit the Disney Village located next to the park during the Labor Day Monday, May 2. And they left the place no without causing some damage on their passing.
A photo widespread on the internet showing a gradient lamppost in Disney Village with Chinese characters saying “traveled here” according to Thepaper.cn
The reviewers strongly blamed the vandalism in this new place for entertainment and shopping. Indeed, the Disney Village is located right next to the entrance of Disneyland Shanghai.

Disney Village belongs to Disneyland Shanghai and other facilities nearby, including an ecological park and Shanghai Village another mall.

In addition, next to Shanghai Village there is a park of 300,000 square meters exhibiting vanilla orchid was also visited on many occasions on Monday.
Here too, Chinese tourists still left traces of their coming … Measures have been taken because of the behavior of some tourists. Tourists rushed to the flowers, others began to pluck the flowers despite numerous warnings of the authorities of the park …
Barriers have been put in place to protect the flowers, only 20 visitors could go in a small area and taking pictures for 3 min at each visit.
We can’t say everybody is the same : all tourists were not so awful. Some knew to respect the environment: some tourists have brought plastic bag to put their waste inside.

According to the Shanghai Metro authorities on Monday the number of passengers increased by 50% and 20% on Longyang station and Luoshan, two stops which have the connecting to Disney village.

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