Chinese Travellers spent $73.7 million Each Day in US

Chinese Tourists Spent $73.7 million Each Day in US Last Year

Last year, according to Xinhua report, 2.59 Chinese visited US, and did shopping there. In 2015, the shopping centers, hotels, luxury stores and retail stores were the places where Chinese tourists spent the most. The number of Chinese tourists has been increased by 18 % from 2014. They have broken the records of all the tourists, who come from all over the world. Chinese people liked doing shopping in the US; moreover, they spent 26.9 billion on the average. All these luxury items that Chinese people bought are due to the high-income rates in their country. Whereas, China is the country where GDP per capita was hardly $ 8000 in 2015 and the average annual income of US is $ 56,000.China is very popular in buying the consumer goods and the luxurious goods.

source Shanghaiist

Chinese tourists USA
It is a great change for the US country that with the help of only shopping of the tourists, they are earning a lot and the per capita income is increasing. The other countries are inviting the Chinese tourists to their countries. Many of the countries are waiting anxiously for the Chinese tourists to come to their countries as well. The main focus of the Chinese people was on the luxury goods that are the best choice for them. According to the Fortune Character Research Center, the Chinese spent $ 91 billion only on luxury items. They ended up to $ 10,000 on the whole, and it is a surprising figure for such country which is only a mediocre one. The annual per capita income of the country is $ 8000 and they have spent $ 10,000 in the previous year.



Opportunities for local Businesses

That is an amazing outline for a country, which has a growing middle-class economy. They have a great urge to go abroad for shopping and visiting the shopping malls. Hardly, very few citizens of the countries all over the world, think like the way Chinese think. According to the China Daily report, there was snatching of luxury items amongst Chinese people in the US departmental stores last year. The convenient travelling conditions, foreign retail, tourists markets and online shopping stores, attracted and forced them to do the shopping. The president of Fortune Center said that Chinese government has very low taxes and they show more support to the domestic brand, this leads to the higher lifestyle of the Chinese people.


Trumph may change this trend

However, US country is very happy with this change as the President of US says that it’s a remarkable growth for the economy as well. They welcome other tourists too in their country for raising the income level of the country annually. The higher the number of tourists and the higher will be the per capita income. This leads to a very strong position of the US economy; which is looking forward to this change. So, on the whole, China is seemed to be the country which does high abroad trips and has high-income rates too.


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  1. it s really Good to know that Chinese Travellers spend a lot in the US… difficult to understand why and how but it is good.
    After, they are not th most polite clients, most of them are Rude.

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