Why Chinese Travel Outbound Market is a huge Business?

In September 2018, the National Development and Reform Commission released relevant data on national outbound tourism in the first half of 2018, and the data showed that the outbound tourism market remained quite popular, with the number of outbound tourists reaching a new high of over 70 million in the first half of this year and the growth rate of 15 percent year-on-year. It shows that with the continuous improvement of Chinese people’s living standards, outbound leisure tourism has become the normal life of people. The impact of Chinese tourists on the world is unprecedented and has become the most remarkable social and economic phenomenon in modern times.

So far, 27 countries or regions have visa-free access for Chinese citizens, according to the China consular service website. Bosnia and Herzegovina have been added to the list, and 42 countries or regions have landing visa for Chinese citizens, including the United States, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Israel, and Australia, they all offer 10-year multiple-entry visa for Chinese tourists. A growing number of countries are offering visa convenience to Chinese tourists, aiming to attract Chinese tourists with strong spending power.

Current Situation of Consumption Pattern

  • The demand for travel has changed

The Over-60s people(born between 1960 and 1969) gradually becomes the tourism consumption, potential group. According to the Chinese tourists overseas travel survey report, the same as the “Millennial”, over-60s is actively expanded their travel, and they will seek to further, more adventure destination, travel more destination every time, travel around the world for a longer time and they travel more frequently. The ecological tour, backpacking and theme swimming become the new favorite among over-60s, and the children become the main influencing factor of the post-60 travel choice. According to the survey report, the proportion of tourists experiencing eco-tourism in the absence of children was 23 percent, compared with 29 percent of those with children. In private luxury, 17 percent and 24 percent, respectively.

Demand for travel is rising among the middle class. The number of outbound Chinese tourists has grown at double-digit rates in the past decade and reached the highest level in 2016. According to the Chinese tourists overseas travel survey found that of all ages of tourism consumption has increased, especially over-70s travel spending growth averaging more than 7%, mostly for middle-class consumers. In general, Chinese tourists spending on foreign tourism accounted for 28% of its revenues. Among them, the consumption proportion of over-90s is the highest, accounting for 35% of the total income. 

  • Chinese consumers’ spending power

Change the trend of overall expenditures of outbound tourism consumption. Although China’s economic growth has slowed, Chinese tourists’ outbound travel spending has always risen in proportion to their income. In 2017, the average daily consumption of Chinese tourists has increased from $414 (RMB 2849) in 2016 to $446 in 2017 (RMB 3074), at an increase of 8%. At the same time, the hotel’s consumption expenditure increased from $123 (RMB 850) per person to $131 (RMB 904). 

How To Promote Your Travel Agency in China?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) On Baidu

Baidu is the main source of searching information for Chinese people, and more than 90% of potential Chinese buyers start their research on the Internet. Especially when wanting to search for more details about travel, they often search for keywords in the search bar.

All you need to do is first select some keywords that can represent your brand’s value and characteristics. For example, if you want to promote your country as a travel destination, you can select the keywords—one of the most beautiful countries in the world or a country with rich culture—to attract your potential customers. While if you want Chinese customers to choose your luxury hotel, you need to choose some keywords, such as “it’s like staying home”, “with good views”. Next, you need to keep the content on the website updated and adjust your content based on the latest trend. The important thing is to get traffic that can be your potential client and build a good reputation in the long-term.

Cooperate With Chinese Travel Website

Chinese travel websites, such as Ctrip, Qunar, MaFengWo(马蜂窝), offer customers travel services such as air tickets, hotels, and car rentals…Working with these sites means you can be closer to your consumers. Most Chinese consumers use these platforms to order their travel-related services and search for travel tips. These sites have a wealth of data about these consumers and can do an in-depth analysis to find customers that fit your brand positioning, which can help you push ads to your target customers and attract them to choose your brand.

Choose Appropriate KOL On Social Media

KOL in China has a growing influence on consumers’ purchase decision. A lot of consumers trust KOL, and usually, follow the KOL’s proposal to buy some products and services. In the Little Red Book, for example, KOL in this platform will recommend some charming and well-equipped hotels or homestay facilities. When seeing these posts, KOL’s followers will follow their path and reserve the hotel. This is called “web celebrity store” (网红店)in China. And this is a quite powerful marketing method online.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency

Choosing different online marketing strategies should be based on your brand positioning, budget, and target customers. In view of these factors, if you choose effectively and effective digital marketing channels to promote your brand, you will become a winner in China with the rapid development of the Internet.

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