How to attract Chinese tourists in Japan (we share our secrets)

[2020 update] how to attract Chinese tourists to Japan, what are the marketing tactics to get more wealthy Chinese tourists for Japanese Businesses.

Japan is one of the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists. And 8.38 million Chinese People has visited Japan last year, up 13.9% year on year

Chinese Tourists in Japan are the biggest spenders of all foreign visitors to Japan. 

  • In 2019, 8.38 million Chinese visitors to Japan
  • +13.9% increase
  • In 2016, 24,039,053 foreign tourists visited Japan
  • foreign tourists in Japan spent 3.7 trillion yen ($32.6 billion) in 2016
  • Chinese tourists are reached 6,373,000, more than 27.6% compared to 2015
  •  731,400 Chinese arrivals in July, up 26.8 per cent year-on-year
  • The Chinese tourists spend a record $13 billion in 2016
  • They spend an average of 227,821 yen per person

Japan tourism hits record high

Japan Tourism

With the boom of the tourism industry, promoted by the increase of the visit from a neighbouring Asian country. The number of tourists visiting Japan hit a record high of 7.2m in the second quarter of 2017.

According to the Japan Tourism Agency, the tourist numbers in the three months from April to July were up 21.1 per cent compared with the same period a year ago. Tourist spending during the same period rose 13 per cent year-on-year to a record ¥1.8tn. The figures show that inbound  Japan tourism is one of the main engines for Japan’s economic growth in recent years.


Lead Generation : efficient way to increase your business

The strategy of attracting and capturing Chinese internet users and converting them into customers is different the other country. China market is fragmented and dynamic in  social media landscape. The Chinese’s tourists want to see good and authentic content before giving their consent or interest. In China, the tourism agency that wants to reach Chinese tourists should, first of all, understand the Chinese expectations and adapt their services to Chinese consumers. They are more and more sophisticated; so they love good quality and luxury services.

A quality website in Chinese: the basic to be successful in China

You need to develop a quality Chinese website. This has to be optimized for Baidu, hosted on a Chinese server and set up for Mandarin Character searches.

Your Chinese website is very important if you want to reach a large number of Chinese tourists. You can feature QR codes to link to other content and platforms. The Chinese will also expect a good customer’s service that can reply to them at time.


Baidu SEO: appear on the first page of the largest search engine in China

SEO on Baidu, generates more traffic. in fact, Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine with 82% of the market.  Google is blocked in China, so if you want to have more visibility online, you have to work with Baidu. The process is different in China, different skills and techniques are required in comparison to western search engines like Google.

Smart SEO strategy focuses not only on improving the ranking of your website but also on creating good content for potential customers. Tourism agency have to understand that the China tourism market,  is very competitive and they have to build up a better online image and reputation.


E-Reputation: your credibility online

The internet is full of many story and news that affects companies in one way or the other. The Chinese’s tourists are looking for tourism that have a good reputation and more visibility. So they often create social buzz and forums to reinforce the image of companies. A tourism agency that wants to keep the Chinese as active clients has to promote its image on the right online portals to increase Chinese interest.

PR article showing nice pictures of you, increase your trust rank among Chinese Travellers 

ex  http://www.sohu.com/a/230739684_100086224

Social media platforms like Weibo, Wechat, Sina can be used by press campaign marketers to utilize Chinese bloggers, key opinion leaders, banner displays and influencers.

Also work with the Chinese Travel forums such as Ctrip, Qunar, Qyer, Mafengwo…..

Social Media in China: the fuel of your Brand Building

Social media in China is not so bad; the aim goal is to generate “traffic”. In China, social media is very important for Chinese internet users. With more than 750 million mobile search users, the companies have to take advantage of this and build a strong digital strategy marketing. We combine Online Public Relations, Design and Viral Marketing with attractive communication methods on every Chinese platform such as Wechat, Weibo, tiktok, Red, ….

Ex Candeo Hotel Weibo 





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Chinese Tourists in Japan -Market analyis 

The JTA said, “Spending by tourists from Korea, Hong Kong, and other countries was higher than last year, pushing up the total”. The number of tourists in the quarter from South Korea rose 68% year-on-year to 1.7m, from Hong Kong 38 % to 593,000 and Taiwan 8 per cent to 1.3m.

A report by China-based travel services Ctrip showed that more than 6 million Chinese tourists visited Japan last year. Spending an estimated 100 billion yuan ($14.5 million) Japan is the third most popular travel destination in Asia for Chinese, behind Thailand and South Korea.

The Chinese tourists in Japan

Japan Tourism

Japan Tourism has grown rapidly after years in which it was considered too expensive, so far away and difficult to visit. Japan achieved its target of 20m annual tourists by 2020 five years early and its new goal is 40m.

because of the extravagant strong spending habits of rich Chinese in Japan, now this latter had its own expression, “bakugai”, meaning “explosive shopping”.

Japan Tourism

But even the visitor numbers continue to climb, reaching 24.04 million in 2016, up 22 %  from the previous year. It has surpassed the 20 million for the first time, Chinese tourists are increasingly rigorous with their money.

Most Chinese tourists who visit Japan are young; Chinese young generation like  Japanese animation, cartoons and films. Indeed it shows the huge influence of Japanese culture on young Chinese.

According to the Japan Tourism Agency,  Chinese tourists, who represent more than  40 per cent of all Chinese tourists. Most of them are women travellers in their 20s and 30s.

More than half of Chinese tourist travel just for four to six days. it’s the so-called golden route that links Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Kyoto, and Osaka.

Flights connecting big cities such as Beijing-Tokyo or Shanghai-Osaka are dominated the Travels between these two countries. However, China has now expanded to connecting lower-tier Chinese cities with both Japanese metropolises. The aim goal is ideally a better dispersion of Chinese tourists across Japan.

Japan Tourism adopt new strategy to increase the tourist’s number

Japan Tourism

The government of Shinzo Abe, prime minister, has put tourism at the centre of its growth strategy.

Japan Tourism

this is the reason why, the japan Government decide to relax visa restrictions on visitors from China and other developing Asian countries.

Simon Moriarty said: ” Culinary tourism is huge for Japan, as is the power of inbound retail tourists, particularly young Chinese . Chinese tourists follows the leisure and tourism industries.

Moreover, with the coming up of Rugby World Cup and Olympics over the next 3 years. Japan also forms a big part of the tourism triumvirate: the other two being the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

The boom of Japan tourism is likely to continue to surge.” Spending per visitor to Japan for the quarter reached  6.7 % compared with the same period last year to ¥149,248 ($1,332). The consumption by Chinese tourists. Chinese shopping habits have provided a big profit to Tokyo department stores, rose 2.5 per cent to ¥225,485.

How the lead generation will help Japan tourism Businesses to attract more Chinese tourists?Japan Tourism


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  1. Hello,
    I am a travel agency based in Asia only for expat, and we are searching for partenership with japanese companies to receive our group of exclusive travelers from Asia to Japan.
    Is there any tourism agencies in Japan able to offer Expat package for small groups?

  2. Japan offers a unique combination of cultural attractions, delicious food, great shopping, beautiful nature, safety, and cleanliness, which make it a highly attractive destination for Chinese tourists.

  3. why Chinese tourists travel to Japan ?
    Really good question

    Culture: Japan is known for its rich cultural heritage, including temples, shrines, and traditional gardens. Many Chinese are drawn to Japan’s unique culture

    Food: Japanese cuisine is highly regarded around the world, and Chinese tourists are no exception. Popular Japanese dishes like sushi, ramen, and tempura are highly sought after by Chinese tourists.

    – Shopping: Japan is known for its high-quality products, from electronics to fashion. Chinese tourists enjoy shopping for luxury items and unique souvenirs.

    – Nature: Japan has beautiful natural scenery, including mountains, hot springs, and cherry blossom trees.

    – Safety and cleanliness: Japan is known for its high levels of safety and cleanliness, which are important factors for many Chinese in 2023

    – Pop culture & Movie: Japan’s pop culture, including anime, manga, and video games, is highly popular in China.

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