Chinese Tourists choose Non-EU countries for spending vacations

The dramatic switch over to Non-EU Chinese tourism and leisure industry is under media spotlight following the publication of interesting feedback over the new trend among Chinese travelers to choose Non-EU countries for spending vacations. Though EU nations have signed MOU with Beijing to spoon feed the international tourism industry, eventually, Chinese travelers prefer Non-EU destinations for special occasions. In upcoming days, the flow of travelers from Mainland of China to selected Non-EU nations will gallop.

Chinese Arrivals to Non-EU Nations Increases rapidly

The first four months of 2018,China touched the record by sending over 9.5 percent travelers to visit Europe. In addition, May to August, advance booking for purchasing air tickets to go abroad crossed +7.9 percent.  However, reports have confirmed the growth of the leisure and tourism market. Non-EU communities are given preference by Chinese tourist sectors. EU nations are not getting good replies from New Millennials of Beijing. Certainly, more concrete facts must be gathered for tracking this change in EU Chinese deals.

Obviously, on specific events, Chinese visitors are found doing groundwork at home in clandestine way to pack up their luggage and go to countries like Russia, Poland, Hungary and Poland. Maybe EU is on the verge of being split in confrontation. Brexit forced Britain to go back home cancelling membership. France will follow the suite.  High voltage terrorism, insurgency, immigration issue and unemployment are few factors to enhance the break in the EU conglomerate. Naturally, China is checking the political condition in EU before hitting the websites to pre-book seats in luxurious air buses for global trips. Same way, European Travel Commission ETC has prepared a report in which 34 countries in Europe have been selected as hot spots to Chinese teens. They have craziness and wild excitement to leave for awesome cultural cities in these advanced countries which are not members of EU. That’s why, slowly but steadily, China becomes one of the best consumers to buy the tourism packs for trips to Europe.

Best Destinations in Europe for Chinese Travelers

In the list of top countries, you will find Germany, France, Turkey, Ukraine and also Hungary. The statistic reports give the index of volume of visits from Beijing to these nations. For example Germany has recorded +7.9% growth whereas (+11.4%) of France, and (+15.2%) of Hungary. Ukraine also attracts Chinese tourists to book opulent resorts in metro cities.

The natural panorama and excellent art/painting/historical places of Ukraine must be boosters to people living in China. Last year, +32.5% increases has been eye witnessed in Central as well as Eastern parts of Europe. Northern Europe is trailing and China explores in Non-EU belt comparatively. For the last few years, this awe-inspiring development of the tourism and leisure industry makes people more optimistic about implementation of more futuristic programs to strengthen up the relationship between China and Europe.

Chinese Travelers in Russia should Increase during the FIFA World Cup

2018 is much valuable for people who love sports. Especially, FIFA World Cup Football tournament in Russia must entice young hearts of modern China. They have bought tickets to reach Moscow to watch the final matches.  Though China has not got access to play in Russia, football fans have to go to Russia to support their favorite teams. So, ticket booking trend has got speed.  On 14th July, Russia will be ablaze in flame of excitement and thrill because of the tough final match played between finalists for victory. On the other hand, another sportive outdoor event will lure Chinese people to hire movers and packers for entering into Europe.  Dragon Boat Weekend must accelerate the Chinese arrivals at Non-EU nations this year.

Chinese Travelers Prefer the stable Non-EU Nations

Forward Keys CEO Olivier Jager has reiterated that most probably Chinese people will opt for less popular destinations in Europe for breathing air to have relief from boredom. More investments in China EU tourism sectors will be done.  New resorts, hotels, restaurants, café and kiosks will be built up to attract elegant class in Beijing. Till now, the basic surveys have shortlisted the top notch countries in Europe for Chinese tourists.  Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Serbia, Turkey France, Sweden, Lithuania, Italy, Ireland and Netherlands have been given priority. Besides, Chinese travelers will book deluxe hotels in Montenegro, Norway, Switzerland, and Slovenia.

China and Europe must start more constructive joint venture. The globalization, liberty in trading, leniency in immigration policy and cool diplomatic relationship must energize conservative Chinese people to travel in Europe. However, EU nations have to change strategies and plans to recover goodwill.  EU must ensure good security and life care. China and EU tie-ups must be smooth and long lasting. More productive plans need to be designed to mobilize the expansion of the EU China tourism business to manage.

How can you attract all the Chinese tourists?

Travel agencies are more likely to be interested in the great Chinese market, and they’re right. It’s the most emerging country of tourists in the world.

What The Lead Generation means for you?

A Lead can be a website visitor or a company asking for a brochure or wants just buy the product or service that you’re offering. So, Lead Generation is the process for attracting visitors to your platform and turning them into customers. The most importing is this approach is being able to have all the information(name, email address, phone number, etc) about a lead who approached you.

You have to be present Online

With more than 900 million internet users in China Only, which is about the half of the population, China is the world largest  connected countries. Chinese people spend more than 40% of their daily life on Internet. So, a website is the first thing to do to reach these potential customers. Once the website is created, it should follow some ‘‘protocol’’  for being easily found by the Chinese internet users.

Don’t neglect a customer service, it’s very important to have a service available 24h/24 enable to reply to any request around the clock.

Visibility is the key

Being ranked high on Baidu, the first search engine in China,with more than 80% of search engine market shares is a must. The western search engines are not allowed by the China Great Firewall.

So, if a travel agency ranks itself on the first or the second page, it will benefit from an enormous traffic.

How to be ranked high on Baidu? Mainly by using relevant keywords on the website and optimize it for Baidu. You also have to be aware of the specific requirements of Baidu which must be compatible to the regulations of the Chinese government

Another thing is  to keep in mind that the process of visibility are internal and external backlinks. By integrating them on the website, Baidu will raise its trust on you.Last thing, don’t forget that you can also use PPC (pay-per-click) which is the process of paying in order to rank high on a set of keywords.

Be active on the Chinese social media

China has its own version of Social Media platforms, like WeChat, Weibo, Qzone, Ren Ren and QQ. WeChat is the most used social media in China, with more than 900 million active users. Weibo (witter in western countries), with more than 650 million active users. If you want to connect with Chinese costumers; you have to be present on WeChat and Weibo and reach them by creating an official and certified account.

Another good feature on WeChat, you can send push notifications and share valuable content in image, video or text with your followers. So naturally, when your Chinese audience has got authentic content, it will push them to comment, like or share.

Take care of your agency’ image

After increasing the traffic on your website, it’s now important for you to work on your online reputation. In China, reputation  has a strong Chinese culture value. If they are engaging with something having a bad reputation it will definitely affect their own reputation.

Collaborating with a local marketing agency is your best weapon to build a strong e-reputation. It will make sure that negative comments are nearly impossible to be found on Baidu. Being active and participating on forums such as Douban, Qyer or LVmama will give your travel agency a very good image.

Finally, consider PR and post press releases to communication about your services and destinations.

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