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Chinese tourists in Canada On The Rise

The growth of Chinese tourists in Canada is “enormous”. In fact, Canada is the 2nd most popular destination for Chinese tourists.

  • 2016 saw the arrival of 19.98 million international travelers, 16% compared to 2015
  • In 2016, international visitors accounted for $20 billion in tourism revenues
  • Chinese tourists reached 610,139 in 2016, 24% more than 2015
  • 65% of Chinese travelers to Canada are between 25 and 44 years of age,
  • foreign tourists spend in Canada increased by 3.88 % in dollar volume during the second quarter of 2017
  • Chinese tourists spend on average $750 US per day on a trip to Canada.

Tourism is a vital part of the Canadian economy

Chinese Tourists in Canada

Canada is a beautiful country with many assets such as its beautiful landscapes, diverse culture, and a rich storied history. Canada’s tourism industry truly is world-class and welcomes thousands of tourists from around the world.

The Government of Canada, led by the Honourable Bardish Chagger, Minister of Small Business and Tourism, planned to work with all partners to develop international tourism to Canada. The new Canada Tourism vision is to seize the global opportunity offered by outbound tourism.

Through the New Tourism Vision, the Government is taking action to improve Canadian tourism marketing. the clear goal is increasing the total number of visitors to Canada.

McCallum said visas have been increasing from China to about 500,000 per year, but opening more visa offices could help Canada compete for lucrative tourist business. he said: “Chinese tourists are the biggest market in the world and they spend a lot of money. they spend on average $750 US per day on a trip to Canada.

Ministers Chagger prepare the Canada-China Year of Tourism in 2018

Chinese Tourists in Canada

China is now the world’s leading source of outbound tourists, in front of the United States and Germany. In preparation for the coming up  Canada-China Year of Tourism in 2018, Canada’s government is working closely with China tourism and industry leaders to ensure that Canada is well-prepared to welcome the expected increase in Chinese tourists.

Recently, the Honorable Bardish Chagger, minister of Small Business and Tourism, and the Honorable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of International Trade, co-hosted the Second China Market Readiness Round Table for the Tourism Industry.

The round table, held in Markham, Ontario, was an opportunity to hear from tourism industry leaders, including the Hotel Association of Canada and Tourism Toronto, on the industry’s readiness in advance of next year.

Chinese tourists in Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced new tourism strategies to create a stronger and long-term relationship with China. The Honorable Bardish Chagger, Minister of Small Business and Tourism, made the following statement:

Both countries confirmed the agreement following the first leg of Prime Minister Trudeau’s official visit to China. The meetings with President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang reaffirmed Canada’s commitment to strengthening business and cultural ties with the world’s second-largest economy.

Canada and China have agreed to make 2018 the Year of Canada-China Tourism. Both countries are developing future measures to facilitate the travel flow of tourists and are working on tourism promotion activities in Canada and China, including, for example, the Canada China International Film Festival in beautiful Montréal.

Canada is the 2nd most popular destination for Chinese tourists

Chinese Tourists in Canada

The rapid growth of the Chinese middle class has allowed China’s outbound tourism to grow fast, making it the most lucrative market for those working in this industry. Canada tourism appears like a good market for many of those travelers who want to visit Canada.

According to the latest Chinese International Travel Monitor report by Hotels.com, Canada’s popularity among Chinese travelers has increased in the past year, rising 17th place in 2016 to second place in 2017 tied with Australia.

Vancouver and Toronto are Chinese travelers’ top of their city itineraries, while the Rocky Mountains are the top Canadian landmark to visit.

Chinese Tourists in Canada

Chinese tourists travel to see Canada’s beauty both urban and natural. In fact, “seeing beautiful sights” is the most popular  Chinese activity. They are admiring fall colors at national and provincial parks, or going on whale-watching cruises.

Chinese Tourists are ready and willing to spend

Chinese Tourists in Canada

Chinese tourists also want to see the best of the city including local restaurants, shops and parks.

Chinese visitors are the second largest contributor of tourism dollars to the Canadian economy, and spending continues to grow each year. They are going to shopping,  looking for luxury brands, luxury items and local products, such as furs, aboriginal art and maple products.

They search all information about want they really want on Interne. 80% of Chinese use the internet to plan their trips. China has its own popular social media sites such as Wechat or Weibo, and many Western brands are building some pages there.

How your Business should engage with Chinese travelers

  • Leads Generation in China

A lead is a person who has a real interest in your company’s product or service.  Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting internet users and prospects into those leads. It’s important to be able to have all the information about a lead who approached you and  finding unique ways to attract them to my business. for example, AIGUEMARINE Paris contacted our agency. In fact, Aiguemarine Paris is a travel agency specialized in the luxury tourism to France and European countries. They are targeting high class of Chinese Client to travel in Europe, organizing a personal trip.   They gave us some missions:


  • SEO on Baidu
  • Backlinks update
  • Keywords update


  • Top on Baidu when people search relevant words
  • Strong EReputation on the Market
  • Good engagement on Forums / social Media

  • Online presence

China is the most connected countries in the world, with 750 internet users. They spend practically 40% of their time on Internet. So a website is the first  step if you want to reach these potential customers. after the creation of your website, it should follow some sort of a ‘‘protocol’’ so it can be easily found by the Chinese internet users.

Attracting Chinese tourists is not just translating your web site and brochures. you have to make an effort to understand and connect with potential visitors. Knowing even a couple of Chinese words.

more important, you must have a customer service available 24h/24 for replying to any request at any time’’.


    Chinese Tourists in Canada

Baidu is the leader in China search Engine,with  82% of the search engine market, and more than 750 million mobile search users.it’s impossible to be more visible online in China without Baidu, because all the western search engines such as Google are not available in China. so if your travel agency ranks itself on the first or the second page, it will be very benefit for you.

To be truly successful in China SEO, you’ll need a good understanding of how to optimize for the search giant. Baidu SEO comes with its own unique and complex environment. The first thing of any SEO campaigns should be to determine the most optimal keywords that you should target for your website

Another two things, the process of visibility are internal and external backlinks. it’s important to integrate them on the website, hence, Baidu will raise its trust on you. don’t forget! you have to use PPC (pay-per-click) which is the process of paying in order to rank high on a set of keywords.

  • Be interactive with your followers

Social Media have a big part in the Chinese lifestyle. the most popular social media in China are  WeChat, Weibo, Qzone, Ren Ren and QQ.  WeChat is the most used social media in China, with more than 768 million users. Weibo is also populau with 550 users, it is the Chinese twitter. for engaging your customers,  you will have to be present on WeChat and Weibo to reach these people by creating an official and verified account.

China also uses different payment systems, including WeChat pay, Alipay and UnionPay.  59% of Chinese travelers to Canada use UnionPay, so if you want to get more traffic, you should offer these types of payment systems.

  •  Online Reputation

Having a good reputation in China is very very important. that give you more credibility and generate more traffic on your website.

tourism professional need effective online press relation portals to reach their audiences and promote good services. Collaborating with a local marketing agency is the best way to build a strong e-reputation.  Being active on forums and blogs such as Douban, Qyer or Mafengwo will give your travel agency a very good image.

The Online reputation campaign management engages the Chinese through their big interest for smartphones and online sales and transactions.

Would you like to enter into the China Tourism Market ?

you are:

  • Tour operator
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Business owner

Easy steps for success:

  1. Optimize your Chinese Website
  2. Online Presence
  3. Social Media Communication
  4. communication on tourism Platforms
  5. E-Reputation

we are specialists in the Chinese tourism Market with more than 6 years experience.

  1. We can help you!
  2. We guarantee you will get more Chinese tourists by generating more traffic.
  3. Send us an e-mail if you have a project and our team will be very happy to help achieve your goals.

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    1. Hey there,

      You could try joining traveling forums such as Mafengwo or elong.
      But also social media, have your customers talking about you on their favorite platform.
      for instance, you could incentivize your customer to follow you on your official pages, or to post about your shop with an instant gift (discount for instance).

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    Canada has so much to offer , in the business tourism and the natural beauty of the country is unparalleled , I live in Quebec and wouldnt live anywhere else. tourists are welcomed to come anytime.

  5. Canada is so beautiful and the culture is very welcoming , its incredible how good it is
    love their government as well.

  6. Greetings
    I got married in Canada It was the best time of my life, I wish to go back eventually
    that country has so much to offer , great place to start a business!!

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    Tourism in Canada rises every year and its great to see
    that the Chinese are such a big part of it , thankyou very much for the article , keeo up the grat work.

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