Chinese tourists are the main clientele for TripAdvisor

The company TripAdvisor is thinking that Chinese tourists are willing to visit the attractions of the world for a second or third time.

China: the biggest market of TripAdvisor

China is fast becoming the biggest tourist market of TripApdvisor because Chinese tourists are turning more and more to the company website to know countries, which are the most rewarding overseas.


Among the millions of Chinese tourists, who are currently travelling through the world, a large and growing number of them are ready to see the sights a second or third time.

Joost Schreve, vice president of TripAdvisor mobile products said in the South China Morning Post that China has become the largest market of the company and in a few years it will become the largest long-term market.

“We focused mainly on foreign trips made by Chinese tourists, which are growing. When they move to the second or third time, they tend to search for restaurants and hotels better qualities. We have opinions on almost every restaurant in the world. We translate also some information in Chinese to facilitate understanding of the latter. “

TripAdvisor’s firm

Founded in 2000, TripAdvisor owns the largest Travel forums in the world, with 70 million registered members and attracts 315 million visitors per month and over 200 million reviews.

The corporate data provide information about more than 1.5 million homes, including holiday houses, and 500,000 worldwide attractions. TripAdvisor launched its Chinese website in 2009 and now provides information on more than 915,000 units worldwide. It is managed by 120 employees, located primarily in Beijing.


Chinese more suited to mobile app

Josst Schreve, himself owner of EveryTrail travel planning service. This service was purchased by TripAdvisor in 2011 after having achieved success by offering users IPhone application for sharing photos and their location through their travel itineraries on their social networks. He said that the Chinese are easily adaptable to new mobile technologies.

Beijing employees have recently set up a discussion group with Chinese customers and they thinks that Chinese tourists are more open to the use of mobile applications to plan trips.

Mobile telephony, a key sector for the company

The mobile phone industry is a key sector for the company and is made up of 3,000 employees in total, including 60 major members and 200 employees, mainly engineers.

Josst Schreve said that globally, half of users Tripadvisors use their phones to organize their travel and their number should normally grow increasingly.

“Your mobile phone can be used to control the distance around the world. We want to make our mobile application, a reliable tool for travelers on any aspect of their trip. “

Chinese tourists abroad

The Chinese have spent $ 500 billion abroad last year and they beat the record of 110 million trips abroad, according to the National Office of China Tourism.

Japan, Thailand, Australia and South Korea are the favorite destinations of Chinese according to company data.

Besides the demand for information on hotels and restaurants when traveling abroad, Chinese tourists also show interest on purchases.

“We want to provide more information on purchases abroad for our Chinese customers,” said Schreve.


Despite a site translated into Chinese, DaoDao is not widely used in China. Should you decide to dig deeper and understand your customers better, it seems only logical that Chinese tourists look up more and more information on what is one of the biggest review platforms in the world with millions of review left by many travellers around the world. This provides them with what they increasingly seek : quality information for quality travels.

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