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Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations and Tourists Trends to Visit Bali


Bali in Indonesia has become top favorite travel destinations in the whole world for Chinese tourists. Chinese tourists have successfully celebrated Chinese New Year holidays which were from Jan-27-2017 to Feb-02-2017.

There are many places in Bali where they celebrated New Year but most of favorite in all across Bali for Chinese tourists are mainly three points of interests where they enjoyed New Year. Cruise ship is preferably number one choice to reach there and offer tropical island leisure or fun in the snow. For Chinese tourists, going through Cruise is a new trend to enjoy with families and with special relations. Everyone will be inspired to visit Bali by new cruise and will definitely enjoy their visit during their stay to travel all across Bali and other popular destinations. Zhang Lingyun, director of Beijing Tourism Academy, is also impressed to find this facility for Chinese tourists. According to a survey, tourists from China mostly reserved cruise ship for their travel before their arrivals.

Online Reservation for Accommodational Arrangements  

Chinese tourists who have made online reservations for cruise ship this year has been tripled as compared with last year. It is all due to wonderful arrangements and best facilities for Chinese tourists which they warm welcome and show more interest to visit again to enjoy Chinese New Year holidays. China National Tourism Academy (CNTA) is making a survey and predicting that almost 6 million people celebrated Chinese New Year in abroad. This ratio showing the interests of the people and the tourist’s attraction to visit different destinations across the world and Indonesia is in top of the list for Chinese tourists to enjoy their holidays and other celebrations. Chinese government also trying to establish foreign investors to creates tourists opportunities in China and people of China also taking interest to visit inside China and enjoying facilities for their celebrations. According to China Tourism Academy record, almost 122 million Chinese tourists had traveled outside from China in 2016 spent almost $109.8 million on foreign trips. It is a huge percentage and amount by Chinese tours to international visits.

Popular Destinations for Chinese Tourists

Chinese people now prefer to visit Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Middle East, Australia, New Zeeland, United Kingdom, United States and some other countries to spend their holidays and celebrations of Chinese New Year. The trend of Chinese tourists is awesome with 48 percent annual increase for the Chinese New Year holiday period. China’s Lunar New Year celebrations held almost everywhere in the world and people of China participate in different occasions where they feel the best to go and to spend their happiest time of their lives with their relations.

Parties & celebration

They hope the best to celebrate each and every event with full concentration and spend money to book anything which they feel the best option to celebrate specific parties and celebrations. Many Chinese likes to visit different parts of the world on every Lunar New Year and to record the best moments of their life’s with their families and friends. Countries like; USA, Australia, UAE, Vietnam, France, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore facilitating to Chinese tourists because they know the response on next time will be positive and they expects more traveler on next time from Chinese tourists. Response from Chinese tourists is splendid and they got awesome feedback from next time by providing them facilities and wonderful accommodational arrangements.

Chinese Tourists Activities and their Tastes


People of China are mostly search to find comfortable environment, relax atmosphere, cheap price for traveling, shopping facilities, food facilities, religious worship permission and cooperation from local bodies during their visits.

2.1Million Tourists from China 

Chinese people also takes care the historical values, and respect traditional and cultural values of the countries where they visits and never try to break the trust of the people where they stay and spend their best times.

They spend on Food

They eat specific but limited food during their visits and stay and spend money only required items which they feel the best to spend their holidays at best level. Chinese also enjoyed Lunar Year celebrations in all across China and millions of foreign tourists visits China to see the wonderful Year stating celebrations and different events activities everywhere in China. Bali, Indonesia has become top favorite travel destination for Chinese tourists from number of years and day by day the ratio to visit Bali from China is increasing which is appreciating to Indonesian government that they are providing wonderful arrangements and affordable visa policies for Chinese tourists as well to encourage them with full of accommodational arrangements. Chinese government also announced official holidays on Chinese New Year celebrations and introduces different packages and plans for Chinese people to celebrate with them. There are numerous places around Bali where Chinese tourists like to spend their best time of their holidays.

Chinese Traditions and Unique Culture

Chinese have different traditions and celebrate different activities to make the holidays of Lunar New Year memorable. New Year in 2017 is called Rooster Year which has special importance in Chinese traditions. Millions of foreign tourists visit China to see the amazing celebrations on Chinese Lunar New Year. Chinese tourists companies also attract foreign travelers to travel in China and enjoy the biggest New Year Lunar Chinese festival with families and friends and spend good time to see Chinese unique culture and historical values in different occasions.

Now most of Chinese take interest to visit outside from China and share their cultural and historical event celebrations on different spots of the world. Chinese tourists are playing their role as ambassador when they plan to visit anywhere in the world. Every year the quality to visit outside from China is increasing which is showing the great consumption power of Chinese nation and their tastes to enjoy their holidays on world’s top favorite travel destinations with their families and friends. You may see hundreds of top class festivals and celebrations at the occasion of Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations and people response to appreciate the efforts of the Chinese government and other authorities.

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