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In 2018, China’s online outbound travel market reached 75.62 billion yuan, an increase of 21.7% compared to 2017. According to a Chinese blog. As the Chinese travelers increased, the opportunities for growth in the market space become complicated due to the increasing online competition.

China with an infrastructure capable to satisfy tourists from all over the world. With a high transportation infrastructure. China is only missing your tourism company for traveling and satisfying their needs of visiting new places.

  China’s online travel market is really lucrative!

The unprecedented growth of the Chinese tourism market driven by strong economic performance and increasing disposable income has seen a boom in Chinese tourism, enjoyed by more and more Chinese citizens.

With China’s online travel market structure on a nonstop improvement stage, the convenience for booking hotel’s, flight’s, restaurants becomes even easier and tourist can find all this services under the various travel platforms.

How to enter in the China online travel market

Create a Chinese website

We design tourism website tailored for the Chinese market and provide hosting in China and Hong Kong. We optimize it for SEO and translate your content in Mandarin Chinese.

It is essential to establish an official website and make it visible on the Chinese search engine BAIDU. Using keywords to highlight your services or business in BAIDU is the best way to let your target customer find you. Therefore, it is crucial to work with a Chinese team to help you build your website in order to gain the attention of the local market.

GMA used to work with more than 300 International tourism agencies such as Aiguemarine Paris, Tour from Bali, CroisEurope, Only Lyon….. We are the leader in the Tourism Industry.

Seo on Baidu Campaign

The Chinese tourists will intensively research and plan their holidays, especially on search engines such as Baidu to research travel opportunities. We provide ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ services for Baidu, 360, Sogou, and Google: Auditing, Onsite Optimisation, Content Marketing, Backlinks & Inbound Marketing.

For instance, GMA helped Tourism in Peru enter the Chinese market. Tourism in Peru makes up the nation’s third-largest industry, behind fishing and mining. GMA and Peru Tourism Bureau team are responsible for managing China’s tourism promotion activities. The purpose is to increase Peru’s popularity as a tourist and leisure destination in China, increase Chinese tourists’ visits to Peru and experience Peru’s exotic culture.

GMA resolved to adopt several solutions to help it with its reputation, such as PPC Campaign, gaining E-Reputation, and SEO on Baidu. Eventually, GMA helped Tourism in Peru achieve first ranking on Baidu page and increased its visibility on the search engine.

Use SEM as well

Because the target customers are basically Chinese tourists, your travel agency website need to be visible on SEO when people use some Mandarin keywords to do the research.

It is also a good way to rely on PPC. The effectiveness of PPC depends on the sector, often either high-value investments or relatively low scale purchases will thrive on Baidu PPC, like some travel agencies.

Chinese Social media Management

As Chinese people cannot leave without social media nowadays, advertising on the various Chinese social media platforms is very effective. Among these major platforms, we have WeChat, which is now the platform by excellence of many companies. With around 1.1 Billion registered users in 2020, Wechat has become a powerful tool for businesses around the world. It is widely used especially among Chinese youth, who are most likely to travel.

As a second popular platform in China, we also note Weibo. It is also very powerful for sharing images and content with a wider audience. Although it cannot match the Wechat user base, it still registered nearly 500 million monthly active users in 2020. Chinese tourists often look for information on these social media platforms before making decisions about travel.

Only Lyon-GMA

Last year, the city of Lyon has been successful at the World Travel Awards as “best destination weekend in Europe”. This trophy is awarded not only improvements in the reception of tourists but also the territorial marketing strategy developed since 2007 by Only Lyon, who is both a brand and a program.

In the competition that leads the large European cities to attract tourists in general and the Chinese tourists in particular, Lyon is one of the pioneers in Europe in terms of city branding or marketing. 

‘Only Lyon’s’ Weibo account became one of the top 3 most influential French accounts in China. Only Lyon had +400% followers by the end of the campaign with levels of engagement increasing by 80% on WeChat and Weibo.

Forums for independent travelers

If you want to know what is on Chinese minds about traveling, it is better to check the local online forums. The most popular of these forums for discussion based on travel at present is TuNiu.

Even small pieces of information can be useful, as Chinese tourists are very difficult. For example, last year there was an unexpected increase of 3,500% in the number of tourists traveling to Morocco from China. Indeed, images have been published in Weibo showing groups of Chinese tourists taking photos in Morocco. Subsequently, there was a sudden influx of Chinese tourists into Morocco.

Invest in the KOL Marketing

selfie travel chinese

The influencers have become a powerful tool for tourism marketing in China. Many influencers command thousands of followers on Chinese social media platforms. They will share your messages with their fans and write articles about your company. Chinese customers tend to trust the opinions of these influencers more.

What is the right time to Promote your Tour?

The Chinese do not have the same holiday periods as in the West. The Chinese actually have several major holidays throughout the year. Although there are many long weekends during the year, there are two major holiday periods:

The first is the Chinese New Year. During the Chinese New Year, most people in China go home to celebrate with their families, but more and more choose to travel instead. The second festival is the national holiday. If one counts both domestic and international travel, then nearly 600 million Chinese were on vacation during this period the last annex.

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