Bosnia and Herzegovina New Attractive Destination for Chinese Tourists

+42% Chinese Tourists to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) , it is a big boom. How to attrach Chinese Tourists? How Business can take opportunities from this boom. 


Chinese visitors to BiH Bosnia and Herzegovina flood in September

An aggregate of 12,948 Chinese visitors visited Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in September, a 42-per cent expansion year on year, BiH’s Office for Measurements said in a report. Such
tally translates to a large number of tourists from China, contrasted with 4,610 around the same time a year ago, the Bureau of Information and Statistics of the Canton of Sarajevo said
in a report on Friday. Chinese vacationers went through 10,831 evenings in the city in May, contrasted with 4,858 in May 2018.


In April, the number of Chinese vacationers visiting the city was 4,731, and they spent a sum of 5,769 evenings. The individual figures in April 2018 were 1,552 and 1,734.

The expansion is projected to a limited extent to the concession to common visa exclusion between the two nations, which produced results on May 29, 2018.

In May this year, Sarajevo facilitated 56,499 tourists, who spent a sum of 91,606 evenings. Close by the 9,684 guests from China, 3,535 Croatians, 3,125 Slovenes, 3,017 U.S.

Chinese residents and 2,826 Germans likewise visited Sarajevo that month. In May, Sarajevo got visited by visitors from more than 60 nations and districts.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Tourism

As per the report, of the 56,499 guests, 6,309 were residential sightseers.  

In the initial five months of this current year, the number of travellers in Sarajevo Canton expanded by 9.8 per cent year-on-year, and the quantity of medium-term remains expanded by 10.9 per cent year-on-year. The travel industry in BiH is a quickly developing division and a significant piece of the nation’s economy. Lately, BiH has seen stable development in the number of outside


Chinese Spending

With regards to medium-term stays, Chinese visitors spent an aggregate of 15,451 evenings in BiH in September, contrasted with 10,098 in September a year ago, recording a 53-per cent expansion.
The total number of visitors who visited BiH in September is 169,725, an expansion of 8.5 per cent year-on-year.

The expansion of Chinese voyagers in BiH is quickened by concurrence on a shared without visa system between the two nations.
The travel industry in BiH is a quickly developing area, making up a significant piece of the nation’s economy. As of late, BiH has seen a steady development in the number of remote
voyagers. New Chinese envoy to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Ji Ping has authoritatively given letters of certifications on Wednesday in BiH’s capital Sarajevo.

During the command of previous Chinese diplomat to BiH Chen Bo, the most noteworthy improvement of reciprocal relations was found in the section into power a shared visa waiver concession to May 29, 2018.

As indicated by the understanding, holders of substantial standard travel papers of the two nations’ residents will be excluded from visa necessity for section into, exit from, remain in or
travel through the region of the other country during the time of keeping awake to 90 days in any 180-day duration.

In a meeting with Xinhua in Sept.2018, the previous individual from BiH’s Administration Mladen Ivanic called attention to that nation will see a sharp increment in sightseers’ appearances from China, which will bring monetary advantages too.

“I think the abolishment of visas is of a colossal significance for the collaboration and BiH will have a unique profit by it,” Ivanic said. Such a move of reducing the immigration requirements leads to an increase in the number of international visitors.On account of the film “Valter Guards Sarajevo”, Valter as the name of an enemy of Extremist saint in World War II is well known in China, and consistently, increment in Chinese visitor appearances to BiH is noticeable.

“The positive impacts of the visa nullification will come one year from now. I am persuaded that the faction of Valter will give the positive impacts,” Ivanic stated, anticipating that after
the third year, above 100,000 Chinese sightseers will visit BiH. 

The uplifting news for nation’s travel industry is the marking of an Update of Collaboration in the Field of The travel industry and Assistance of Gathering Visits among BiH and China in
Dec. 2018. Specialists state that this record will primarily encourage bunch voyages through Chinese visitors in BiH.

Measurements from nation”s Office for Insights show that an aggregate of 1,292,636 visitors visited BiH from Jan.to Oct. 2018, recording a 12.4 per cent expansion year-on-year.
“Out of this number, an aggregate of 52,556 Chinese visitors visited BiH in 10 months of 2018, contrasted with 28,581 during a similar timeframe a year ago,” was written in a report
gave by BiH’s Office for Insights.

The report likewise uncovers that an aggregate of thirty three thousand three hundred and sixty nine medium-term remains was recorded in the ten months of 2017. In a similar time of
2018, the number was fifty nine thousand eight hundred and forty four, calling attention to that Chinese travellers remained 1.1 night all things considered.

A sharp increment was recorded in Chinese appearances and medium-term remains in the capital Sarajevo. Sarajevo Civic chairman Abdulah Skaka in a meeting with Xinhua said that the quantity of Chinese voyagers coming to Sarajevo and BiH is expanding substantially. In the last five or six years, the number grew fivefold.


“We are pleased that individuals from well disposed of China are progressively choosing to spend their yearly occasions, particularly in the spring and summer, in Sarajevo and BiH,
which they will progressively visit later on because of visa abolishment.”

Insights bring up that a sum of 573,227 travellers has visited capital Sarajevo during 2018, recording an 18.8 per cent expansion year-on-year.

“The total record in 2018 was made by travellers from China, who are third in various appearances and 6th as far as the number of medium-term remains. Chinese visitors understood an expansion of 118.7 per cent in appearances and 114.5 per cent of medium-term stays year-on-year,” the Foundation for Informatics and Measurements of Canton Sarajevo said in a report in January.

Chinese tourist to to Sarajevo

With regards to the destinations that Chinese voyagers visit the most while coming to Sarajevo, it is the City Lobby, a spot where the lion’s share of displays can be seen, and simultaneously, it is the most agent working of the Austro-Hungarian period in BiH. Chinese vacationers likewise visit Trebevic link vehicle, which was crushed during the war that occurred from 1992 until 1995, yet which presently associates the downtown area with Trebevic mountain. Particularly fascinating for Chinese vacationers are the lion’s share of attractions in old piece of Sarajevo, and areas where the motion picture “Valter guards Sarajevo” was recorded.

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