BAD BUZZ : Why Italy blocked Chinese VISA?

Fake Scandal online for Chinese tourists that want to travel in Italy, their VISA are blocked.


Source Global Times , News Cn

A Simple Rumor

Don’t worry, the Italian embassy in Beijing wants to clear things up and bring some fun to the table. They said, “Hey, hey! Those rumors about visa suspension for Chinese tour groups are totally bonkers!” They want everyone to know that the embassy is happily accepting visa applications from Chinese nationals, whether they’re traveling solo or in groups.

In their super official WeChat notice (posted with a touch of flair), the embassy also shared that ADS group tourism visa applications will be back on track real soon. They’re even in the process of registering accredited Chinese travel agencies.

Good Communication from Italy

Now, just to fill you in, the ADS group visa is like a special ticket that lets folks from specific areas go on awesome tours organized by accredited travel agents. It’s a special way to explore a destination country.

The Full Story

Here’s the scoop: China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism had already given the thumbs-up in March for outbound group tours to foreign countries. Italy made the list of the second group of 40 countries where Chinese tourists can go wild on group tours again, starting from March 15, 2023.

Italy has always been a hot spot for Chinese tourists in Europe, and they can’t wait to have everyone back! In 2019 alone, a whopping 5,356,000 Chinese tourists visited Italy. It was like a big ol’ Chinese tourist party, and Italy was the place to be!

So, don’t sweat it, folks. The Italian embassy is ready to welcome you with open arms and a sprinkle of Italian charm. Time to pack your bags and get ready for a fantastic adventure in Italy!

Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT) in China

Cristiano Varotti, chief representative of the Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT) in China, expressed his excitement about the news that Italy, along with several other European countries, has been authorized as a destination for group tours from China. This development is highly significant for Italy’s tourism sector.

C. Varotti mentioned that there is a growing interest among Chinese citizens to travel to international destinations, which presents a great opportunity for Italy. He believes that in the coming months,

Italy will solidify its position as a top travel destination for Chinese tourists. Before the pandemic, Italy had experienced a significant number of Chinese tourists, with annual growth rates in the double digits and promising prospects for the future.

Highlighting the potential impact of Chinese tourists on Italy’s tourism industry,

Mr Varotti expressed confidence that the Chinese tourist market possesses tremendous global potential. He emphasized that there is still ample room for growth, and the spending patterns of Chinese tourists abroad have yet to fully reveal their potential.

Varotti listed several factors that make Italy an appealing destination for Chinese tourists, including its magnificent art cities, historical landmarks, shopping streets, natural wonders, and opportunities to experience the Italian lifestyle. He also believes that the influx of Chinese tourists will benefit not only traditional Italian destinations like Rome, Milan, Florence, and Venice but also lesser-known destinations such as Sicily, the Alpine resorts, and small towns that offer authentic and customized travel experiences.

To prepare for the return of Chinese tourists, Italy is actively working on various initiatives. The ENIT is collaborating with Chinese tour operators to restructure their offerings and develop new products. Varotti mentioned plans for a roadshow in China in the upcoming months, where they will personally meet Chinese companies and make themselves available for collaboration. He emphasized that there is a significant amount of work to be done in the coming months to ensure a warm welcome for Chinese tourists in Italy.

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