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Australia warmly greets Chinese tourists

To boost their tourism Australia is planning to offer a three-year multiple entry visa to Chinese travellers. Australia is situated in a strong competition zone for tourism with Indonesia or Thailand, its regional rivals.

Australia’s pretty late initiative…

Even if visa requirements remain much more tougher in Australia than in other countries, this 3 year visa is totally in line with Chinese tourists needs. Indeed it allows them to come back many times, so they don’t have to renew the visa process whether they are coming for Leisure or Business (Leisure represents 71% of the reasons why Chinese tourists come to Australia).

Last year, United States and Canada made similar decisions by offering 10-year multiple entry visas. Being Chinese is a great advantage to travel, Chinese tourists can also travel visa-free to Korea or Indonesia.

Compared to the other initiatives, Australia’s attempt to bring more Chinese travellers is judged “slow” by Bob Shen from Spring Tours in Shanghai. Yet Australia’s visa requirements are far more relaxed than in Europe but similar the Japanese visa process, another booming destination for Chinese travellers. The Chinese consulate received so much visa demand that they ran out of visa’s special paper, with a record of 146,000 visas issued. But he still thinks the new visa “will have a positive impact.” on Australia’s tourism.

A top destination for Chinese Tourists


Australia stays at the top of Chinese’ travelling wish lists, Australia is among the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists.

Visitors that are repeatedly coming is a growing market (45% in 2013), according to Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb they tend to have longer journeys and to spend more during these periods. In 2013, Chinese travellers spent an average number of 7 thousand dollars during their trip to Australia. That, combined to the fact that Chinese tourists are the world’s biggest spenders, this represent a huge opportunity that is worth digging.

Chinese Tourists are highly appealed by Australia


Chinese travellers are highly attracted by Australia’s luxuriant nature from flora to fauna, the country’s breath taking open spaces fascinate tourists. Unlike in some of the biggest cities in China, Australia enjoys a clean and pure air. Shopping and Fresh food is also appealing Chinese tourists.

Almost 800,000 Chinese tourists visited Australia in 2014, and their total spending was close to 5.4 billion dollars, according to Australian Government reports. The number of Chinese tourists travelling overseas is expected to double to 200 million by 2020. During the Chinese New Year holiday, 124,000 tourist visas to Australia were issued.

Australia’s objective : maximize their market share  


There is a huge opportunity to take by Australia, in order to grow its share in the Chinese outbound tourism market. Moreover, the tourism industry employs 1 million of Australians throughout the country, this sector represents one of Australia’s greatest strengths. To do so, they should target travellers with a qualitative goal, that means, the ones who stay longer and travel deeper in the country and as a consequence spend more. The Australian Tourism industry can also acknowledge the new trends in the Chinese tourist community.

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