American Cities connect with Chinese Tourists through Digital marketing Campaign

USA Travel agencies are connecting with Chinese tourists through a partnership with Chinese digital payment giant Alipay and Fliggy, and also with strong partnerships with the e-travel platform Mafengwo and Chinese kols.

San Francisco: The secret Iconic Chinese destination in the USA

Last year, the iconic Californian city attracted over 25 million tourists. Some Californian travel agencies decided to rethink their China strategy by developing new creative campaigns, one of them targeted the short-video campaign. For travel agencies hoping to connect with the world’s largest outbound travel market, the Chinese website has become a go-to information source for Chinese travelers.

In line with the Chinese consumer preference for short videos, some Californian institutions chose Mafengwo as its main promotional channel and also invited Chinese KOLs to host 90-second itinerary clips. The video series chose activities and experiences that appeal to young Chinese travelers.

The short video series campaign aimed to showcase the city’s range of experiences to Chinese millennials.

Fliggy and Alipay help attract new Chinese visitors to San Diego

A few months ago, San Diego Tourism Authority (SDTA), announced its collaboration with the Chinese mega pop star Jane Zhang in “Feel the USA” campaign. Also Its latest partnership with Alipay, and Fliggy(Alibaba’s online travel agent platform).

In fact, for increasing the Chinese travel experience, Alipay has created a City Discovery Page for the more than 120,000 Chinese who visit the southern Californian city annually. The page offers a wealth of Mandarin information including an interactive map, travel tips, and details on the more than 200 merchants, and cultural institutions who accept Alipay.

Chinese people trust Alibaba, he has a strong power of user base. They can message Chinese visitors with stories and itineraries and deals and offers in a way that nobody else can. So, with more than 900 million users, Alipay’s reach a large part of the Chinese market.

Also, Fliggy, a major player in the Chinese vacation booking. Fliggy’s app has launched a San Diego City-specific page featuring itinerary recommendations, directly bookable tickets, travel tips, and discount coupons. The Chinese traveler is accustomed to using Alipay and Fliggy in their day-to-day lives. So, the connection with Alipay and Fliggy will raise the city’s profile in the minds of Chinese travelers to the U.S.

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