A Chinese tourist causes a four-hour delay at the airport!

During a flight to Seoul, a woman opened an emergency exit door while the plane was preparing to take off.

The behavior of Chinese tourists questioned

The behavior of Chinese tourists has often been criticized during trips abroad. Some restaurants have already complained about the noise they made. That’s why, the Chinese government want Chinese people has a good attitude when they travel. This year, a dozen of same events occured in cities including Kunming, Chongqing, Nanjing and Shenzhen. But this case of the woman was deemed more serious because it took place while the plane was still moving.

 Consequences of her act

She is the first person to face a criminal charge for her action. The trial took place on Monday 18 in North Eastern of Jilin, where the incident took place on February 12. Her action caused a delay of four hours and the emergency runway had to be triggered. She has seriously disrupted airport operations and incur a fine of 34.000 yuan, $7.300 dollars. The other offenders received punishments including a 5.000 yuan fine, administrative detention of up to 15 days, and 35.000 yuan in compensation to the airline.

Civil Aviation Management Institute of China professor Diao Weimin said the accused could have been charged under Section 114 of the Penal Code for endangering public safety if she was found to have opened the emergency door deliberately. If she is convicted, she faces three to 10 years in jail.

China measures

China has recently introduced tougher tourism laws targeting wayward tourists and tour agencies in a bid to improve the country’s image and boost domestic tourism amid declining inbound tourist arrivals.

As usual, when the Chinese government decided to do things, it doesn’t do it halfway. This act is a striking example of what it aspires its country to become : a respectable country whose citizen behave correctly abroad. Still, when you look back you can only notice that with only roughly 10 to 15 years of travel worldwide behind them, Chinese tourists are fairly young at the whole “outbound travel” experience.

BUT, there is one thing as a tourism-related company you should not forget, it is their spendings. Chinese outbound tourists are the biggest spenders with an average of $3000 per trips. In addition, their sheer number is impressive, as well as their increase in number :

100 million last year, they are foreseen to be 200 million every by 2020.

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