A Business Trip to China? List 2023 requierements

Big news for any Business man in China, China has announced its reopening January 8, 2023.

All Businessmen can enter China without “quarantine.” But you have a lot of requierement

List of docment needed

  • A business VISA
  • A negative PCR result within 48 hours before departure. (no need to apply for a health code in 2023)
  • Fill arrival form
  • Fill Attestation of Positive covid test
  • Plan of your tour & Hotel bookings
  • No criminal backgrounds , or trouble in China

Expat that land in SHanghai in Feb 2023

  • Landing in Shanghai was a smooth process, after all.
  • The passport control, however, was slow. Very slow.
  • Apparently all previous check points, documents, visa, and other procedures needed to be verified again.
    Not only for me. For every incoming foreigner.
  • So, be prepared to wait in line.

In 2023, you are required to declare a negative test document to China Customs

IMPORTANT declare to the Chinese authorities
You MUST register your place of residence with the local Public Security Bureau within 24 hours of arrival. Hotels can do it for you . In 2023 Authorities enforce this rule with regular spot-checks of foreigners’ documentation.

For Hong Kong and Macau. For more details, what are Travel Restrictions?

They is no travel restriction

  • Visa on Arrival in Hong Kong for short stay (for most countries)
  • They may ask you hotel reservation
  • Valid Passport

If you know more information , comment and inform the Community.

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