+40 000 Chinese people visited Russia during World Cup

Given the World Cup this summer, there is a hit of tourism in Russia, especially for Chinese people. According to certain statistics, there were nearly 1 million Chinese people having a tour in Russia with visa free. In 2016, approximately 100 million Chinese tourists have traveled abroad spending no less than $ 215 billion. This figure is increasing by 10% in the first half of the year 2017. Except routine sightseeing via Moscow or St. Petersburg, luxury shopping and Red Tourism are also becoming the major proportion of the reasons to this majestic country.

Easier Way to Russia for Chinese Group Travelers 

Due to complicated procedures and the enormous risk of applying for the visa of some countries, such as ESV, the group travelers appear to be more favorable to Russia.

Moscow and St. Petersburg are top-travel destinations. For example, according to statistics, more than 40 000 Chinese people were expected to come to Russia for Football Cup, they all go via Moscow of St. Petersburg. Group travelers do not need to apply for Russian visa, which makes the procedure of coming to Russia much easier and attracts visitors.

So, How to reach this massive wave of Chinese Tourists

With the increase of income, Chinese tourists like to spend their money abroad and the number of Chinese tourists in other countries has literally exploded in recent years. It is irreversible to start businesses toward Chinese or Chinese travelers for most of countries in the world, and being smart to comply with Chinese habits and minds.

 Catch the Trend of World Cup

Even though China didn’t make through to Russia for World Cup, the passion for football is unstoppable. TSUM also played on the huge draw of the World Cup, with creative pop-ups – an Adidas ‘premium Deluxe Football’, inspired by Russian gold embroidery and hand-stitching and produced exclusively for TSUM, as well as a collaboration between Vogue Russia and TSUM on a limited edition collection of  football-style shorts and t-shirts.

Provide Chinese Services

For oversea tours, Chinese people usually at least have good command of English for normal life communication, but it is still a bliss for them to get Chinese services. TSUM and DLT offer their clients English and Chinese in-store navigation and suitable services such as VIP-shopping with professional stylists, unique cosmetic services, a clients’ loyalty system, gift cards and more. It is also applied for special tours, flights and other entertainment activities.

Comply with Chinese Habits

Chinese tourists do not necessarily like the same things or have the same shopping habits as western tourists. It is important to always make sure to follow their habits. Chinese people also value quality and the “face” associated with social status and pride. As well as maintaining a love for top luxury brands, such as Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc.

Gain Followers by Opening WeChat Accounts

On account of huge registered users of WeChat, it is favorable way to open a WeChat account in no time, rather than still in consideration. Besides WeChat accounts, it is also popular to use Weibo accounts that have creative content, mini-programs for loyalty programs, store-locators, tax-back explainers and more are nothing less than a must. In-store or at-venue China payment options, staff and more are now expected.

Attract Chinese Affluent Travelers by Working with KOL

Recent KOL visits to Russia showed the various styles of promotion that turned on Chinese affluent travelers, with a mix of the visual and aspiration, to the logistical and practical.

For an instance, Paris and Claire Xiao Ai, with 2.3 million and 2.1 million Weibo Followers respectively (and of course more across WeChat), visited Russia and showcased the architecture, hospitality, shopping and the like. As well as the usual intrigue on the unique shopping (Chinese international shoppers love to buy what cannot be found elsewhere), the tendency was for Followers to ask about the practical aspects of visiting – precisely where to shop and how to do tax refunds, as well as detailed information about price points across a wide range of collections. Satisfaction with the ‘China friendly service’ was also a huge plus point commented upon.

Introduce Easier Terms of Payment

As the travelers who both have passion for visiting Russia and fashion design, TSUM is the best choice for fashion satisfaction in Russia. Recently TSUM, the historic department store besides the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, initiated collaboration with Chinese leading e-commerce platform Tmall to dominate the Russian e-commerce landscape.

For the terms of payment, Russia is more and more adopting Chinese convenient and popular terms of payment. Therefore, TSUM offers customers the most advanced services: Apple Pay, Alipay, Union Pay and TSUM was the first Russian retailer to introduce WeChat Pay.

Offer Lower Price for Chinese Shopper

There is one essential reason that Russian businesses are appealing to Chinese, which is more favorable price for brand commodities. TSUM has won the hearts and minds of affluent Chinese shoppers by not only adapting to their tastes but by pioneering in several innovative ways to ensure that the experience of the affluent Chinese client is seamless.

In line with its pioneering spirit our department store was the first retail player in the industry to revise its price policy in 2015 and introduce a transparent strategy of “Milanese prices” – cutting down the price level to match prices in Milan and Paris. TSUM also introduced “Best Choice – Best Prices” policy: collections of clothing, shoes and accessories from the likes of Valentino, Dolce&Gabbana, Balenciaga, Versace and other brands can be purchased at the lowest price in Europe.

Tax free is alluring Chinese customers to drop by too. In association with the government of Moscow and Global Blue Company, TSUM hosted a “Moscow as a Tax Free Shopping Destination” event at the Russian Embassy Hall in Beijing, aiming to attract more and more Chinese travelers.

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