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1Million Chinese Tourists to South Africa (Promotion tactics)

Great Opportunities for Tourism Businesses to lure Chinese tourists to South Africa…Discover marketing tips to attract Chinese tourists, and develop your Business. 

South Africa is one of the world’s fastest growing leisure, business and travel destinations. with its beautiful scenic, magnificent outdoors, incredible sunny climate, cultural diversity.

  • 1,012,641 tourist arrivals to South Africa were recorded in 2016
  • Last year, 121 million Chinese traveled overseas
  • Chinese arrivals were up 93 percent in 2016.

South Africa Tourism

South Africa

South Africa is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world. Incredible exotic combinations of landscapes, people, history, and culture offer the traveler a wonderful, unique and fascinating experience.

South Africa is a beautiful mix of cultures, along with the best and least crowded beaches in the world. the country has fabulous wildlife parks such as The Kruger National Park, Eight World Heritage Sites, exquisite beach-side villas for accommodation in Cape Town, good natural scenery, a great infrastructure and a stable post-apartheid environment.

South Africa

South Africa is country of diverse cultures, ranging from the Zulus who resisted European conquest to the nomadic San of the Karoo desert. Each culture has its own distinctive art forms, music and traditional rituals, while the descendants of colonial settlers have keep the differents variations of their European roots.

Chinese tourist arrivals up 93% in South Africa

South Africa

With the increase of revenue, Chinese tourists are more opening to the world. they are seeking adventures and becoming more interested in Africa for holiday destination.

The increasing of the number of visitors who went to Africa in 2016 was mainly due to the reduction of visa restrictions and new direct flights between China and Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Africa. In South Africa alone, Chinese arrivals were up 93 percent in 2016.

Chinese tourists are seeking for new holiday destinations beyond Europe, looking to countries in search of exotic culture and services which the continent has to offer.

Last year, 121 million Chinese traveled overseas. China is the first country with massive numbers of travelers in the world, it’s forecasted it will grow to 150 million, in the next few years. The growth rate since 2010 is 18 to 20%.

More Chinese are turning to Africa for tourism particularly eco-tourism : nature

South Africa

Many Chinese companies operating in South Africa are interested in the rising number of Chinese tourists who visit the country each year. China represents the largest number of international visitors to South Africa. According to Statistics South Africa, the number of Chinese tourists increased by 66.1% between August 2015 and August 2016.


South Africa is also a shelter for a large number of Chinese immigrants, for example, Yoon Jung Park. a researcher on Chinese migrants in South Africa estimates that the numbers are between 350 000 and 500 000.

Chinese like to Buys Diamonds

Chinese outbound tourist numbers are expected to reach over 242 million by 2024

South Africa

South African Tourism has taken several constructive steps to attract more Chinese travelers and that this latter feel welcomed. these new approaches include communicating with tour guides, signage at the airports and tourist sites, and the translation of tourist information also need to be considered.

last year, the department of home affairs announced that South Africa would launch an Accredited Travel Company program in China (through the Chinese Approved Destination Status program) to fix visa applications on behalf of travelers. this means that Chinese travelers to South Africa don’t need to make in-person applications at visa processing centers

South Africa

South Africa has also opened two new visa facilitation centers in Chengdu and Guangzhou, in addition to the centers in Beijing and Shanghai, for travelers who want go to the centers directly. Five additional centers are expected to be opened at the end of April in Shenyang, Xi’an, Wuhan, Jinan, and Hangzhou.

The Project

South Africa

The Department of Tourism develops a new initiative. Twenty trainees were selected for specialized training from establishments which have been attracting Chinese tourists. The project covered some aspects, including language tuition in Mandarin, understanding Chinese cultural practices and also a three-week trip to China during February and March 2017, including lessons at the Yangzhou University.

plan to attract more Chinese tourists

Leads Generation in China 

If you want to attract more and more chinese tourists, you have to adopt the leads Generation. In fact, leads generation is the way to attract  visitor on your platform and convert an internet user to potentiel Client or investors.

the process to convince chinese consumers is different to the Werstern.

 Website + Visibility among Chinese People

China is the most connected countries in the world, with more than 800 million netizens. Chinese population spend 40% of their time on Internet, so a Chinese website is the best approach to reach these people.

Once created, the website must respect some protocol in order to be easily found by Chinese people who are doing a research about your company’s services.

Another important thing is to have a customer’s service available anywhere and anytime for your Chinese visitors.


Baidu SEO is the Key

Even, Google is blocked by the ‘’China Great Firewall’’ in China, we still have Baidu. in fact, Baidu is the first search engine in China and owns 82% of search engine market, with 800 mobile users. If you rank your travel agency or hotel on the first page of Baidu, you will benefit from a massive traffic on your website.

it’s always important to use relevant keywords that will contribute to your high ranking on Baidu, especially if you optimize your website for Baidu.

Consider internal and external backlinks, by having them your website, Baidu will trust you more. Finally, in the process of visibility, you have to use PPC(pay-per-click), which is the process of paying to appear on advertising banners.

Social Media: Wechat + Weibo 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social medias are all blocked in China. in Fact, China have its own social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Qzone, RenRen, QQ.

Social Media market in China is very important and different from the western world.

Wechat, is themost popular social media in China, with 768 million active users and following by Weibo with 550 million active users.

You can send push notifications, share valuable content in video, text or image with your followers. Chinese people comment, like and share interesting content. Do it right, and those followers willsimply be leads for your travel agency in Abu Dhabi.

E-Reputation in China

Even if you’ve got good traffic of your platforms, you should keep a good image on internet. E-reputation is everything in China. build a good reputation can help your tourism business to be known and try to keep it after you’ve reached fame among the digital community.

Finally, keep on mind PR and post press releases to communication about your services and destinations.

If you want to enter the Chinese market, a digital marketing agency is your good idea.  if you think you have enough leads from China, collaborating with a local professional will help you to double this current number of leads that you got. they also will help you to keep a good e-reputation in China.

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