Chinese tourist: attract tourists from China


5 things that Travel Agencies should know about Chinese Tourists

You are a travel Agency based outside of China and you want to attract Chinese travellers ? You have a lot of question , you are lost and you should read this article. Even though studies have shown China is experiencing a slow economic growth, the truth is the numbers of tourists for both outbound/…

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Chinese tourists are the biggest spenders in the world!

Tourists from mainland China reach first place worldwide for expenses incurred when they are traveling. This is the fourth consecutive year according to Global Blue statistics. Substantial expenses Spending by Chinese tourists rose 3% from the previous year and this also represents 10 points of difference with Russia, which ranks second place. While growth for…

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Social media are critical for attracting Chinese tourists

In 2014, there were 634 million netizens in China, which means almost half of the world’s netizens. In addition, 70% of the holiday booking were made online. How do Chinese holidaymakers plan their holidays? How do they find information? How do they share their experience with their friends? The vast majority use only one media…

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