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‘Restaurant Australia’, Australia’s new food and wine campaign to seduce Chinese travellers

Tourism Australia launches a new food and wine campaign, ‘Restaurant Australia’ Until now, the different campaigns Tourism Australia has launched involved beautiful girls, luxurious experiences and many celebrities, like the controversial slogan “Where the bloody hell are you?” However, the success wasn’t always the one expected. Below is the misinterpreted but yet famous Australian commercial:…

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Chinese investors’ appetite for French tourism isn’t stopping!

Tourism is considered as a strategic sector for China and China is willing to invest huge amounts in, especially in French travel industry. The trend nowadays is quite obvious: Chinese people love travelling. Indeed, 120 million Chinese are travelling the world every year and this number is still growing by 20% per year until 2020….

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Top 10 of the most visited sites in France by Chinese tourists

France remains a major destination for Chinese travellers France has been shocked by the terrosim attacks that has decreased their popularity among Chinese travellers. Even though Chinese outbound tourism favorite destinations are other Asian regions like Hong-Kong, Japan, Taiwan, South-Korea, Thailand and Singapore, Chinese tourism in Europe remains strong and especially in France. As of…

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Dubai’s Shopping Paradise Attracts Chinese Tourists with New Digital Strategy

Dubai’s world-famous Mall of the Emirates uses new digital mobile application to attract Chinese shoppers Mall of the Emirates, the world-known luxury shopping mall in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched a new mobile application, thought in details especially for Chinese customers. Indeed, the shopping center recognizes the potential of Chinese shoppers so…

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