Chinese tourist: attract tourists from China

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How your hotel can attract Chinese tourists?

Tips for your hotel to appeal to the Chinese   Special attention to Chinese tourists     Chinese tourists are now an important target for tourism industries. With the emergence of a new wealthy class, Chinese spend on leisure and go traveling. France attracts particularly for its romance and luxurious image. Overall, there were more…

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Do you want to collaborate with travel agencies in China?

Do you Really want to collaborate with Chinese travel agencies ? It is not always easy to break into the Chinese tourism market because the competition is very fierce and especially when we know the market dominance by some strong players such as Ctrip, How to compete with such players in the market? Some will…

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Social Media influences Chinese travellers

Through social media sites, Chinese population collects all kind of information about products, services and destinations before making their final traveling decisions. Social networks have become an essential and powerful source of information for Chinese tourists. Generally speaking, Chinese citizens spend a large amount of their time online, mainly on social networks and online entertainment….

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